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Congressional back door


I don’t know where to start. I can dice & slice this so many ways almost unfair to start.. A Nation being run like an institution… Institutions to which you have to be committed.. Committed to say which you are committed to an institution secrets & ploicies of secrets which are not Intended to be secrets not even the founding constitution of this Nation.. This Nation Is ran with policies & Laws made In secret.. Nation founded upon a Constitution is now a secret institution with the back door.. I have no idea call me crazy that’s the institutions polices & secrets it seems to be crazy with the terms bailouts & handouts & crazy  back door secrets and policies this Nation it’s the institution leaderless policy making up not the Constitution.. Independence for some people its  the people who use the Constitution as the back door secret policy. This secret institution policymakers are running out of money for this institution.. Well this institution needs
A doctor and a policy to find out if four people or for the people by the people with the Constitution have no back doors with secrets policies making policies and giving handouts then dictating health policy by using new terms calling It Affordable Health Care Reform Act.. Dictating policies to Doctors … Calling the Bail Out..Really a hand-out saying there too big to fail… Originally called Troubled assets and Relief Program sound familiar TARP huh it’s a secret policy call It a code word for this handout of money for this institution and not this nation. Obamacare has a cancer and its eating a unhealthy nation.. Nothing being ran with Constitution and amendments giving independence the greatest country on planet Earth the GOD BLESS United States of America.


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