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Dogmas of Science


Reality the equation has been set the dogmas of science are changing drastically.. Substitutes of science have been multiplying and forwarding stupidity.. The structure is science now reality set on mathematics an not a constant function.
You have witnessed a few with the Zetta function, it’s nothing more than a natural ordered pair and because A + B= C,
C + B dose not equal A , called tuple .. Thats real world mathematics using the reality of physics, and not placing mathematics as function or substituted for a experiment, and has a hypothesis, of Reality..

Not based on a function of nothing, not even that substitute for a function as an experiment..

In the real world we have. Supporting facts, A hypothesis, control groups, control subjets &real Theories, why reality, & space just like the earth has sets of functions called physics..

My Theory on the intrinsic immune system from the asteroid’s for Earth has the Atmosphere entanglement wit Heliosphere & ionosphere it has proved wannabes, of no theory or nothing worthy, I’m not afraid to be wrong …
My Quantum Man theory, intrinsic of all the sciences again has proved and it shall..

NASA to return sometime later this month or next month with the data of the electric dipole magnetic connections between the Sun and Earth…

NASA is referring to the electromagnetic dipoles as a Portal..
I suspect they will find subtance or posiblely an element, of something very unique along with the energy from the Sun & ionosphere..

The electromagnetic dipole between the Sun and the earth have fluctuated in time, & various times of the day, I believe that this is vital to the earth on our distance in orbit around the Sun.. The moon holds very important to and from the Earth as such Man to..

I will tell you the physics of outer space can be found underneath the surface of the Ocean.. From magnetic Poles changing in fluctuating areas, energy dissipation of energies sound, frequency or heat alike in Space..

Astronauts have trained under water for years.. I suspect NASA’s looking at a connection between the Poles shifting and electro magnetic dipole between the Sun and Earths energy the thermaldynmaic equilibrium .
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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