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Great White Sharks


300 million years evolution of the Great White Shark. Peer in with me to the capabilities of the Great White Shark.. Explicit information shared understanding & a little bit of knowledge of the Great White Shark..

1800-2400 Yards Obersvation Area….
180º degrees of uncertainty a general direction.. Dection Abient noise, sealife, Eddie’s  wherls of water and other natural noises, reserved for loud & abnormal frequencies.. The Great White observers & will investigate the louder noises and higer/lower frequencies. 

1200-1800 yards. Surveillance Area. Discrete direction 90 degrees of certainty +/-5º. Chemical recptors, enable dectection, blood and other chemical exceriments, from various forms of Sealife. A General direction of sea life course directed or towards…
Frequency and noise isolation For tracking and discreet if  alive or dead, & inadament objects floating.
The Chemical to stimulate the senses of a Great White Shark and give explicit information of the scent.. If current; tide or Riptide prevails this will increase the senses of chemical receptors distance.

800-1200 yards Decisive Bearing &  Range Area +/-3ºbrng error+/-300yd
Identification of Mammal or non Mammals, Wales Dolphins, turtles Octopuses, fish: Prey or Peditor. Killer whales do feed on all sharks and White sharks Feed on sharks..
Composition or numbers of a school or pod and direction of movement speed and tracking for interception, & isolated distinct frequency..

800 -150yards Explicit Information Area: +/-2º error 10yds..
Explicit information of type of animal or fish explicit information of tactics and swimming depth, approach tactic to make a kill based on past.. chemical experiments avi pray for fear or wounded displaying the street frequencies if wounded or scared. This area explicit information an starts speed or needed depth and directions,  visiablity comes into play.
150yrds Kill area, this is the area to where all minor adjustments are made and the safety of eyes the protecting eyes Lid the last 1 to 5 yards.
Underwater fishing or spearfishing is very dangerous there is the information 4 protection to keep your stretched out of the water and if you can carry legally the smell of death 4 sharks they will not attack or they scatter..
Most shark attacks happen in dark murky waters in the evening and 36 inches or less water..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥


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