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Jonny Mantis. .


From back home under the Evergreen Tree it’s the year I bring to you Johnny Mantis with his hottest Sensational hit Song… Walking in Memphis amongst the evergreens from way down in Louisiana up all the way to Blueberry Hill.. You can hear jonnie mantis playing the guitar*^%>`~ like he’s writing¡¿ & telling ~A story of the Philadelphia big Liberty.  ~ Bell ~go~Johnny ~ go /goJohnny go ~go Johnny go prey   ~ & ..Johnny~prey to be good~~ how`¤ it’s  a. `quarter~ til the Sun “rises `from the set of jerps are johnnys~` stars `ringing the `~~bell go Johnny go `go Johnny go Johnny go~ friddel`~ Jimony  the^~cricket.~ like a..~ good..Jonny Mantis ~ would.
*~%} €£~~~`¤★☆◆◇♧
playing &strumming~ the guitar from hell ~walking from down under~` greener than ever `holding the green mantis~ playing` green from the greenest garden~`~
greener than green Johnny’s now `~a menace menace go Johnny go Go *Go Go Johnny~ play some more~ in the place we can never^ hear you~  anymore ~ Playing greener~ than go Johnny go go ~Johnny go go ^go play some~ funky green music~“ from down under `in the~~ evergreens.. Now playing amongst ~critters in the evergreens`~~ Johnny’s Famed ` like he was never before~~` he’s the conception of the evergreens `playing don’t go Johnny go~ go play us~ some more

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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