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Love you for


Love you for the you and not the love me for the me.. Loving you is the speeds winds In the breeze flowers to me..
The way to love its not me its the two of us in love, just due I could just enjoy the condition of you conditionally of my love.. Unconditional thy love of me conditionally the way to love, only being a person of you natural ever the Redrose in the breeze, the winds are the changes of the day the minutes of hours, seconds of years never to be exchanged, love forever exchanging Vows spiritual energies winds of entanglement.. Spiritual energies ..
Entangled in Love forever never is any spiritual energy of the only one way, how to love, Angry Love Birds a lot of two, intertwined two energise becoming one for ever spiritual energies couples of the unknown Universe. Existence of spiritual energies coupled, energies existence to the preponderance of any energy..

Spiritual Father Holier than thou, I hear fourth set spiritual energies of quantum entanglement two spirits of two spiritual energies, a force to take their fourth of an existence to be one spiritual energy of the Universe..
Two spiritual energies In Love, the universe an energy spiritual ever spiritually guided only way of an energy to Love..


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