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Monkey business


3 practical handicap monkeys doing exactly what the monkey see monkey do..
Evil no monkey hears ,monkeying around.. Speaking monkey business, hearing exactly what was seen,, wrapped, around the monkey, who was blind but heard everything, sees nothing as the evil passed, hearing the speaking to the deaf, dumb, blind, idea that one monkey sees evil of the other Monkeys, will not hear seeing a blind evil monkey wild as a monkey around the three monkeys, suited monkeying around a Evil  theme ~song swinging  ~ singing ~`here we come~ walk down the street` ₩€ Are nothing to ears, of every blind, hand holding  hearing the disguise of Evil..
The Three Monkeys are 2  monkeys to dumb, blind, hearing a deaf evil monkey around , the preponderance of every `monkey in the wild~ singing while walking down the `street ~hey ~`hey were the monkeys,~   just `monkeying around,   trying the evils of every monkey around the evilest monkeys, monkeying around,,  just trying to be friendly,, an not put any `monkey Down..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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