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Never forget 3.


Never Forget 3..Big 3 choices that make these people  are BIG in life… These People in life have 5 freedom’s in life and live with 6 ethics of life .. Three choices in life give up, or give in ,or give it all you got…Big choices 3 those who saw what happened, to those who wonder what happened, and those who make it happen..
Five freedoms of life to see, and hear, to say, you feel, to ask, to take risks..
The 6 ethichics to live by: before you speak, before you pray, before you spend, before you live, before you write, before you die..

Those who saw what happened.. These people don’t listen and don’t think to try they quit life and earn nothin they left during difficult times and they die quick…
Those who wonder what happened.. These people think they have earned because they pray. They are quick to pray but listen to nothing but prayer. Earn nothing in life & will cause you difficult times, they pray to die quick. .


Those who make it happen these people believe in themselves and never quit they always try they earn a living.. They listen to everyone an especially to prayer.. They think an pray for everybody and help during the most difficult of time .. These people live life to the fullest and want for nothing before they die.

 The one who is secure on his own behalf takes risks without asking for permission instead one feels what one should an thinks what you say will be what was instead one see and hears what to say and feels to ask permission is to wait and takes risks on one’s behalf choosing to secure the boat instead of rocking the boat he is the one who makes it happen.. He is the one because he saw and heard what happened and feel secure in his own behalf to make everything happen as in the past on one’s own behalf…

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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