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Special Person.


That special place with that special person very few people have that special place, with that special person.   That’s a very beautiful special thing in life, it’s the look, in your eyes, the way your hair falls below your shoulders, your smile, has that special place in my heart it makes the time very special it touches the very romantic place in my heart..♡

Thats a place  reserved for the special occasions..
There are anniversary’s there are Holidays, there are very unique times in life, from solar eclipses to bringing in the New Year.

Familiy & Friends may call you on the special occasion, but it’s different with you that special person, you make those special occasions; and those special times in my Life..

Extraordinary, you make me feel like a very special person, you work very hard but your specialty is me..

The romantic occasions you touch that very special place, your hand passes my heart easily,  its your specialty there’s something very special about you, and your personality especially when you’re with me..


These are the times to make that special person in your life feel very special let them know that you’re the exception when it comes to the specialty of Life..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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