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Yuppies insecurity


Yuppies are insecure they fail to secure the most important reservation. Yuppies seek to secure a reservation with monetary purposes but yet fail by every purpose and drive themselves crazy. They are financially secure to drive purposes usually social statement.

They have a reservation about everything and everybody.. Crazy how they seek others acceptance and have no reservations to or  about themselves.. It drives Yuppies absolutely crazy when another person is secure with their abilities & secure within their own reservations about themselves to do and have things that they accept and & appreciate for having those abilities..

Yuppies are insecure the  inability to find and make their own reservations about themselves and seek acceptance, anywhere or buy anything for others to see their reservation as a person..

Yuppies are very visual and fashionable people very much looking for the acceptance as the inCrowd and their reservations about arm candy they will seek the most fancy, intelligent, and most fashionable restaurants..

Yuppies have been raised with such beliefs to have the very best is a personal security and only the very best and most intelligent people have the most fashionable expensive & have that lifestyle.. They have been fundamentally ignored and desire attention this is also found usually in their childhood.. Yuppie it’s a term an does not mean have to have money or intelligent or any such fashion or a Social acceptance to be a yuppie.

Money has fundamentally nothing to do with a secure person.. If I have learned anything when going out on a date it has nothing to do with the restaurant how much money you spend or where or how you go it is everything about the person you are on a date with..
Waffle House, Denny’s and hole in the wall places have some of the most delicious food when you’re on a grant Date the only reservation I make is on a special occasion with a romantic atmosphere to express acceptance and very much thankful appreciation of the other significant in my life.

Mr Warren Buffett you would be completely surprised on what he drives it is fixed up  from the hail damage and it’s a domestic vehicle.. He is completely surprising only the richest man in the world & very secure as a person, his wife told him he would be millionaire before 30 she was right “elbow” Lol
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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