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Wanna be a rocket scientist

So you wanna be a rocket scientist well I might know a little bit about rockets,& missiles.. I might know a little bit about science.
There is a difference between a rocket and a missile.. As a general rule missile have guidance rockets do not.. They have the same components as a group and alike structures missiles have warheads and other distinct functions that separate them from rockets..

A rocket uses a line of sight for geometry it is the point to point or telemetry the line of sight is the targeting aspects and a battle damaged assessment complies with most rules of engagement with a visual on the target & assessment of the collateral damage..

The assembly groups slightly differ between a rocket and a missile both rocket and missile have a body & wings flight control & computer control groups a propulsion control groups, usually located in the rear both missiles and Rockets primarily utilize solid rocket booster fuel.. Bringing the main differences to light is in the computer control group and/or the computer-controlled guidance group. Torpedoes have a similar structure and guidance with a fuel consistent but not as solid rocket fuel….

The type of guidance or seeking varies active this is where the missile sends a signal beacon or a radar and lights up or paints the target..
Semi active this is where a radar lights are picked up the target from another source air or from the ground. This can also be a GPS function as a guidance or targeting.

Passive this is where the targeting is conducted from a remote or is a silent no wave or radar is used for targeting the target usually is omitting a heat source or a radio waves source such as radar..

Semi passive this is a function where the heat source or the radio wave from the target is used as a targeting or guidance however the missile guidance system can change different types of passive such as lock on jam…
The Space Shuttle utilizes rocket boosters which are attached to the shuttle.. Jet assisted take off is referred to as JATO usually the Rockets are solid rocket fuel..
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