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Theoretical of theories.


Writing a new theoretical for America, an ageless lighting of new times. Placing your order of a beautiful person a beauty of minds. Cognitive awareness the brain thinking a lot of people who are not the intended recipient, never able to get the best of worlds. A mathematical major scientific discovery of masterful senses defense & mastery of the heart’s humanity. The misfortune indicative of past time about to leave comes a passion predictive persuasive of new times.
Beauties of grace the heavy gravitational pull of a philosophical “beautiful mind” endure the poetic lifetime, of a poet’s start, spiritual growth, beautiful of prolifically profound, performing personal seaonal of a a seasoned mind. Avilability of available minds are elusive, yet not intrusive,  my poety induces a constructive  soft poetic, poetry,  political, persuasive,  of all beautiful minds,  speeds of a Ducati, speeding to remind the reminded, a harmony of the mind & body of my temple exposed due beauty to you.
              ☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D


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