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Dear Marilyn Monroe


Profoundly petite preponderance due eyes beholding such beauty Persuaded eyes mier simple perception of  beauty. Stature hourglass shapes a persuasive body proceeds  preponderance of minds, pleasing sweet aromas, succulent perfumes persuade my perceptions leaving senses weakend proceeding seeing such beautiful elegance sheer silhouette  Goddess of  body’s , peering due two eyes, gazing at the Beauty, the best brilliance of any mastermind, a simple gaze  preponderance of what’s to be, sees beauty & honor, elegance sleek ever beautiful body.
Persuasive  & very perceptive a Flame burning anu desire of passion rearranges thoughts of morailty to persuasive seeking of devilish actions, breathing harder, hearing the hints of passions my hearts  flaming with  desires of devilish & promiscuous powers  .. Panting, increased fluttering of my hearts, adoring A silhouette Greek goddess of a body shape adored by the Godess of silhouettes, persuasive sexual mixtures  purcuring the persuasive Music,  mier site of a prace your dance a graceful silhouette, ensures pandering eye’s a smier of persuasive beauty to look at another beauty would be the most abundant prudent preponderance of any mind…
My darling why you are rare In the rareist of blooms, my heart’s in seasons awaiting the sweet smells perfume of your beauties, I shall Inhale I can taste my desire simple hints of such I admire, starts passions of your beauty makes the raging blood of mine boil.    I now foucus upon one’s own life. I ask for much more racing roses.. In such passions makes a strong Alpha weak to simple ponder your beauty masks my masculinity, wi persuasiveness such to adore only roses of my temptations with sweet air te pufume, of arouma arouses my every sences awakening beasts, of a mans devilish seekings unfulfilled at a gaze of desires my admiration of such a pleasure is not of mine but I hold such with questions no anticipation is in site upon your beauty the rose is graced with shadows at times of no desire passion rearranges ones life man has has desire. .


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