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Mind of Happiness


Fair only to the happiness of the mind thinking of running around after the happiness. Comfortable is the only understanding of miserable, happiness is in the mind.
The mind thinking there’s only one way to make up for all the miserable, happiness comfortably thinking one way. ☆ HAPPY★★★
Happiness it all starts where happiness begins, it’s in the mind.
To have ANYTHING it must start in the MIND..


The mind of happiness, only one way to run around, its happy, remind happiness to run around, it’s the only way to think in the mind…. Comfortable running around happy, it’s the only one way, of happiness, to run around funny, happiness its always been in the mind..


Comfortably happy mind is the only way comfortably happy thinking,  happiness the mind..WOW  that’s happiness, comfortably, thinking one way happiness is in the mind..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥


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