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Self seneseless, Healthy change.


One could easily turn it around for something that’s not the average, nothing gross that’s great what they say doesn’t matter..
You can see  me first, you better meet me, people say some ugly stuff but that’s not me..

I don’t ever say that they won’t expect it, to be like me, they cant thats why Im me, my image it doesn’t matter skinny or fat it’s the picture I see of myself in the image not the mirror, that’s the picture of myself they don’t care..
I don’t mind anymore,  “who they are”  they didnt give me my body, that’s my image, look what I say not what you see, that’s what the picture I expect of me… I’m in love with me I’m going to exercise the body right, I’ll eat right, and then you’ll see what the real picture me as this shape of oneself is now shape and you look like the senseless..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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