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Evolution to evolve..

Evolution a scale so grand a Creation of the universe to be.. From the very beginning one celled organisms  to modern Man.. Perpetuation of a species,  younger generations; forwarding the next specimens of all evolutionary species..

The forefront of Evolutionary purpose, civilization creature comforts, the very purpose of the way Life once,  never to be comfort of life.  Another Earth it’s the only very comfort, every creature comforts here on planet Earth..

Evolve as an evolutionary specices to populate & poluate every known substance & live outside of Earth’s Evolutionarily Plato.. Man a species separates   by its processes, thinking less & destroying more..

Evolutionary time Universe isib alignment of unprecedented glatical forces, the Universe’s evolutionary process, every galaxy to Evolve, & create ever a newer Galaxy to be.
Milky Way a galaxy of stellar proportions, life very way we have and understanding of ever a life is on planet Earth..

Evolutionary process intrinsic bindings of every animal to evolve on the evolutionary Planet supporting the very life of every evolutionary animal; perpetually know to Man..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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