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The problem with the World.


Stupid people  are confident with not a problem in the the World. The intelligent Society had removed the fool in life for their Society accepts no fool. The intelligent Society doubts everything in society they have found no fool.
Stupid Intelligent people have become doubtful the fools are the problems with the world today.

The Intelligent Scientific Society Scientifically foolish People, walking around full of scientifically intelligent people in the world foolishly living doubtfully..

Foolish the Intelligent People never question the scientific society giving intelligent people scientific data..
The Fool knows this stupidity of Intelligent People allowing a society full of scientific discoveries never doubting own self..
The fool was not stupid the label is stupid of the fool it would be intelligent people believing all scientific data to be a constant and labeling the fool ..

The scientific intelligent people of society live doubting for many years foolishly in the world of a intelligent Society scientifically doubting own self.. 

The Fool  has sold the mind of a foolish fool to the intelligent scientific Society of people doubting own self.. The Fool has  no doubt own self understands the intelligent people doubting foolishly boutught the fools mind believing intelligent people is a constant for every scientific person who has never discovered foolishly own self..

The Fool has foolishly fooled the scientific intelligent society selling them something they have never understood to never doubt own self be intelligent & scientific to understanding of our own self sold by the Fool to the intelligence of a scientific society living in a  world of foolish stupid people to doubt everything even own self have bought into the world of a mind of a fool .

World of great loving people for the label of the fool was label the intelligent people bought as a scientific discovery..

The value of the discovery of our own self now the once labeled fool live in a world of luxury and never wanting anything, he lives in a world as an intelligent scientific person never has he ever doubted anything scientifically of our own self he investigated everything of own self before accepting scientifically answers without investigation .. This person is a intelligent person.


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