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Such a 1000 doors is the face, I should adore.. The glow of your smile its preponderance upon the eyes.. The questions of the beauty the inner beauty such have  the equal.? The length  the beautiful brown eyelashes of the hair allowing the piercings, sparkles of the ears smiling with the eyes and listening with a heart.. Beauty cellet mask or shall it parade. Only music of the eyes listening to harmony of the heart & rhythm caressing the mind, inner beauty speaking loudly, spoken with the heart feelings with words unspoken, actions are the piercings,  the person of feeling at peace within beauty allowing the eyes to pierce a gaze,  giving the heart~ Electric~ Priercing lightning your eyes love such a preponderance to love own self is the question of the beauty of the eyes..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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