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New World, Changed World


New world order the world has changed not all at once but it is changing as a constant.. The leadership has been very well aware of this concept for a number of years and the number of Presidents. The 60’s and 70’s we’re extremely curves of learning and for economic growth and an understanding of the economy.. The United States at the time was enjoying with the leadership and the economic growth of the economy this was a polarizing other leaders of the world… The events that were extremely polarizing to leadership’s across the globe the landing on the moon creation of NASA scientific discovery and scientific technology..
There will also the W O W S during these times such as the gas shortage and I’ll OPEC and the understanding of what it was going on In politics and giving strength in politics & economy which utilize both by the United States this polarized even more in the 80’s.. President Reagan took office in such a time and utilized both & even refer to as today Reaganomics.. This did the world understanding & political leaders of countries even our enemies understanding of both economy and what it does for the politics of a nation we even see our enemies of the past and the future receiving money and have receiving money.. Omar Kadafi himself sat as Chairman of the board Economics of Africa in the 90’s.. It has been 60 years the world has changed the leaders of the world have changed however the two most important things have not the policies that were utilized from the foreign country lleaders polarizing the economic growth of countries and our country’s leaders polarizing the country with utilizing different and altering policies affecting the economy this is forwarded the problem as we see today only to becomes compounded and complex such as the basics from Social Security created by Franklin D Roosevelt.
Great Depression he gave the New Deal & we received Social Security its not even sure how or why it’s still around today .. Soical Security this policy itself has been utilized written and rewritten so many times its not even completely understood by the State  at the center charged with because they understand it as being federal and it is and the money has been utilized taken from and put back and reorganized so many times the pot is unsure even the states themself the bank of Social Security in each state which does not report how many on Social Security it is utilized by the numbers of working and does not take into account the age and the money that is received from the single person and is not accounted for and is redistributed it is complex..
Social Security is a federal tax that is utilized by the bank as the states and it is redistributed at a less percent then what is collected on the federal tax it is complex.. These are just more examples that have been forwarded you can multiply this and then compound it by the utilization of Obamacare the bailout hand out it does not matter Plus now you can factor in inflation… Other countries utilizing our dollar Plus minimum wage raise Congress Democrats Republicans the list goes on but remember just like Social Security it is forwarded … {ºUniverseº}
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Feb 2014
All write ups have became true its scary 


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