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Just a word


Just a word Love, it can be a illusion of happiness,  Love drugs in life, everything of love nothing but the pain in life what a drug love..

The illusion of life, hope it’s just a dream,  the pain of everything in life, love what a drug, the dream illusion of happiness nothing in life but a dream ..

Just a word love.
Illusion to wonder happiness, hope is a dream everything in life happiness nothing but a dream, Love what a drug, a illuision of happiness hope everything in just one word love..

Love a Wonder in Life, its pain is an illusion in life nothing but everything but a drug, love in Life.. Wonderful experience the love the nothing about everything in life just the drug in illusion of life, happy to just have  the Wonder of the experience, illusion to life, Love what a wonder, what a Life, the experience of a wonder once in a Life; the pain the grief, the everything, the nothing The Wonder the drug the illusion just one word..

L O V E  trust, energies, happiness, pain , feelings, nothing, sadness,  excitement, acceptance, romantic, unconditional, devilish, Angel, The Wonder only one word comes from a wonder of Love in Life..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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