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Combined replies Marilyn Monroe quotes


True love is unconditional virtues Loves only conditions of you looking for the experience of my life’s prestigious mind’s unconditionally the greatest of philosophy shall endear a heart bleeds I have been given the opportunity for you to see if you want me to grow with both parties in love..Unconditionally virtues true love is unconditional the condition of you between heart’s humanity an mind’s creativity thats one condition of you, emotionally the bravest steps up, there is the only condition of you in love’s complexities give the best of both worlds. Our goal is to be inside the house of good and the bad unconditionally true love’s virtues of life’s elegance to courge it will take the both of you..The good and the bad unconditionally love that’s true love the good the bad unconditionally.. Either one of you have no choice but now you’ve met and that unconditional love is the only one condition of you..

His condition or Her condition unconditionally love, me for me that’s courageous, open up learn to love.. Face to face love’s unconditional virtues of love, the one condition you, regardless fall on your face but only the bravest love unconditionally virtues love’s true conditions of you unconditionally true love’s unconditionally of all love’s virtues unconditional to all…

 Regrets are so stupid fear gets all to old.. You should live without fear stupid regrets all in fear.. Dont regret stupidity have some fear..When you get old don’t be so stupid to live In fear.. Life is all to live don’t be stupid an fear to live you’ll regret It and never grow old. Someone to find love in this big world might be hard cause sometimes I’m a devil but yet I can be an angel yes I do sin but you have to love me for me.. I’ll always be an angel cause I always love and that’s what angels do even in a small world even the small girl in this big world. I’m just trying to Love..


You’re right you deserve my very best you love the `imperfections of me~imperfect of loving unconditionally all of Me.

Selfish impatient; & loving your worst Mistakes are the times I feel more secure In loving the insecurities of our relationship.

Control is ~unconditional to {Love} a beautiful emotional Woman with insecurities jealous & imperfection deserving love’s unconditional virtues, an complexities of me helping & securing my love’s with reaurance of a beautiful person at the very worst in every emotional outburst losing control,at times..
Only my love unconditional, suporrting the very best of me in love with you..♡¥€$..
All these quotes are replies to Mrs Monroe’s quotes..
                    ~ ,^ ,^  ^, ~
         {`★   ↑  ▼  ☆  ▼    ↑☆`}
        [ ☆®O₩N~§ € £ F €º★ ]

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥


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