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Reality Mrs Clinton it’s not the tall tales you tell. The truth is all in the story the history of the Clinton the bill is the cost Hillary is included In all the White House the Clinton and the bill.. Hillary Clinton was nowhere to be found when the President Clinton was receiving the oral not the office not the sex acording to Bill.. President Clinton pulled the story it was this the deception of sex it must be happening in the bedroom Hilarys quick to tell the tall tale the bullets are not flying it’s not the gun of he’s not cocked and loaded Bill, its a tall tale she tells.. Bill has shot his gun enough it’s got him in trouble too many times its equal of a Clinton with the story you can find it the truth between the Rodem & the story being told turning their back on all even America.. The cost is ben the bill the lives lost.. Hillary and Bill Clinton has not stepped up neither will Hillary make anything forward as a statement of progress this can be seen by her life even last primary she lied we all knew we even nominated a Black, Muslim well nobody for sure what or where he is or where he’s born. What is known he beat the hell out of the Hillary. She has turned her back before she’ll do it again she has even set back even the view of women 100 years no statement as before its equal of Her term as secretary nothing of Defense.. Hillary Clinton nothing of a presidential candidate not now not never not for nothing even in 2016 she’ll set back everything every time.. She’s done it every time before.. Hillywood Ride em Clinton’s nothing 2016..

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