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Dropping line’s


Dropping dimes, street crimes, philosophical crazy might be my mind, smooth rhythms to the new sounds beats definitely around ching chong Chang double base flip flop hip hop tiptoe harmony down the street funneling street signs 2 red wines throughout the physics of this quantum time I write a new rhythm based on two beats the syllables of three words never heard that’s absurd let me give you the verb faces places races rostuning forks tunes 13 new rhythm philosophical of crazy minds lyrical like mine downward beats up the street over the hill around the grass squeal the tires on the gas will the fire burns my ass when the rubber meets the road you’ll know just called a horny toad that’s the toe in case you didn’t know. Lyrical conception spiritual wits craziest minds lyrical rhymes to the physics of time wickedly I rhyme poetrys new conception a spicket of lyrics splitting new concepts hip hop into ageless humbling harmony with righteous spiritual riffs cutting edge of hip hops glitzy glamor hammering a stampede of rhythms to brand new beats cycling dope street crimes with ounces of righteous rhymes with qualities in spite of speeds catching philosophical catch phrases in streets of downtown areas of hip hop raps. Dropping dimes twice three times the lyrical riffs with spiritual spitz inspiring youths fountain of lyrical gifts splitting fountains into halfway houses cutting edge rhythm in rhymes flipping the switch freezes musical paraphrases Hip hop dropping dimes the philosophical catchphrase Raps new hard rhymes catch poetry with eye’s to witness winner of beats new harmony step to future broadcasting this new piemer star studded Hollywoods righteous be bopping hip hop stopping shows red carpeting rhythms of wicked line’s catching the phrase mtv producing the new ways voodoo skies skills twice the bills Mcs please double conceptual chess strategic King’s Knight check out the cocoon dropping news of past performers in rocking chairs. Spicy life spiritual rthmes spits conglomerates twice three times a ticket speeds of quantum times to inpeed hearts rhythmic pace of mine indicate of neurological rhymes in venomous to life living legendary times forward looking to hip hop flip flops rewinding the second hands of past time. Scratch the cat’s fever with this new line double time forward backflip dance Revolution in time physic of a greasy grimy good time for me to share this display it’s rthmes catchphrases of spiritual riffs quality questions my lines provide time’s three times faster future’s ne broadcasting my premier. I’m in a league all my own king of this throne of theories in series continual harmonies square the footage Holla these new times quantum q’s bits points to theoretical physicist that’s my wicked rhymes in the physics of times continuum. Dance an prance to lifes glitzy glamorous harmony with the virtues of love’s unconditional philosophies. It’s a great harmony but Only crazy is the vehicle of transformation, poet’s changing the world one sentence at a time. Wickedly romancing poetry & orchestrating symphonies of poetic rhythms. Writing the red glow of the most beautiful wicked red rose I suppose its smooth & flows through beats of newest rhymes. Seasonal spicy sauce of earth’s four seasons. The angelic orchids of wisdom walking life’s journey throughout virtues of loves unconditional beauty in a philosophical catchphrase. Broadcasting the first dawns early morning’s light’s streaming the seasonal premiere walking life’s distance to endear perseverance of Earth’s four season’s in the pubs pocket to laugh, sing, sigh, joke an have a beer. Cheers Paul Revere who wholeheartedly spew the Brits are here the history book’s records are here, for poetic poetry to stick Sir holy witness to bear life’s newest version of Earth’s architectural design, offering lifetime’s of wisdom tasty fruity Red Wine & cheese.
Twice eyes to sheer witness poetrys soft rhymes with a burst into rhythms of new established ways rewriting a version’s of powerful imaginations poets broadcasting.On the run stun by spits of spiritual whitts sticky sticks mightiest my spicket of lyrical spitting witts splits youths fountain into halfway house’s sweet double click faster my double killing spitz, 2 in one specialized murderous riff now target acquisition of petitions to remove the machine gun Kelly. Quit quality smoking spits killing cycles with my ideas quick witted quality double fitz chilling the style convinced I’m a newbie with stamina for this place, I set a new pace speedy riffs on my side quick to stick double jab black eye’s, righteous quality of sticking an moving companies in speeds faster from fucking rabbits in co habits, I’m going break three habbits in has bits.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
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