Poet Street

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Dance an prance to lifes glitzy glamorous harmony with the virtues of love’s unconditional philosophies. It’s a great harmony with beautiful, races places to faces of faucets to love’s harmony with sediments of complex compiling a great new philosophy eyes to witness wicked new beauty of the Worlds new beginning of harmony with peace.  Life’s glitzy glamour the harmony of loves unconditional virtues philosophy. Life sentiments between two composer’s of harmony orchestrating a musical symphony in living beauty. Compelling has the beauty of compromise on life’s platue. Catch life’s philosophical catchphrase walking the testimony living the humbling harmony in the star-studded premiere broadcasting futures features a window of the seasonal spiritual gifts. Crazy is the vehicle of transformation of worldwide change crazy me but what you change is the future’s streaming primer. Life is theory of theoretical theories, physics of life’s series living in earth’s platue of eco systems…

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