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Hips new York hits


Hip hop dropping dimes the philosophical catchphrase Raps new hard rhymes catch poetry with eye’s to witness winner of beats new harmony step to future broadcasting this new piemer star studded Hollywoods righteous be bopping hip hop stopping shows red carpeting rhythms of wicked line’s catching the phrase mtv producing the new ways voodoo skies skills twice the bills Mcs please double conceptual chess strategic King’s Knight check out the cocoon dropping news of past performers in rocking chairs. Spicy life spiritual rthmes spits conglomerates twice three times a ticket speeds of quantum times to inpeed hearts rhythmic pace of mine indicate of neurological rhymes in venomous to life living legendary times forward looking to hip hop flip flops rewinding the second hands of past time. Scratch the cat’s fever with this new line double time forward backflip dance Revolution in time physic of a greasy grimy good time for me to share this display it’s rthmes catchphrases of spiritual riffs quality questions my lines provide time’s three times faster future’s ne broadcasting my premier. I’m in a league all my own king of this throne of theories in series continual harmonies square the footage Holla these new times quantum q’s bits points to theoretical physicist that’s my wicked rhymes in the physics of times continuum. Dance an prance to lifes glitzy glamorous harmony with the virtues of love’s unconditional philosophies. It’s a great harmony with beautiful, races places to faces Life’s glitzy glamour the harmony of loves unconditional virtues philosophy. Life sentiments between two composer’s of harmony orchestrating a musical symphony in living beauty. Compelling has the beauty of compromise on life’s platue. Catch life’s philosophical catchphrase walking the testimony living the humbling harmony in the star-studded premiere broadcasting futures features a window of the seasonal spiritual gifts. Crazy is the vehicle of transformation of worldwide change crazy me but what you change is the future’s streaming primer. Life is theory of theoretical theories, physics of life’s series living in earth’s platue of eco systems and worthy priority for man’s humanities to bestow the given as reward filling the belly of many when the few have walking the blind faith with the spirit of good knowledge. Dance an prance to lifes glitzy glamorous harmony with the virtues of love’s unconditional philosophies. It’s a great harmony with beautiful, races places to faces of faucets to love’s harmony with sediments of complex compiling a great new philosophy eyes to witness wicked new beauty of the Worlds new beginning of harmony with peace.

Sier’s Struts spickets spits fountains tunneling spitz mightiest of wit’s sounding its a good funnling  F it’s. Splitting speeds ~spitz ~mightiest ~wit’s star’s staring “craziest of minds” its a swagger crossings speedy slithers smoothing strums of rhythms composing speeds fastest crawling  rum’s staggering personality cradling star’s swaggering sweeping swift speeds, features worthy of stays in life’s prestigious resorts for the reserved rights to ensure vacations in life’s prestige of eccentric mind’s.  Three piece suited suits giving stature in life’s sharpest wit’s a star’s lights & shapes mightiest in life’s “craziest minds”.  Romancer seeking speeds dressing to sutited speedsters lickety splits speedsters of special speeds.  craziest witts mightiest mind’s ever did worlds transformation it’s crazed to fast thinking. Roam conceptually “craziest minds” seeking philosophys writer’s line’s changing the world one sentence at a time. Pain it’s artistry of poetic beauty writes poet’s philosophy inducing the beauty. Peers mentoring elegance of wicked chants wizards of worldly worded phrases building sticks eyes witness wins by descriptions in equality equities of my heart’s passionate desire adoring love.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer


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