Poetry an Starlight

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A man walking the crooked crawl to journey  giving wisdoms of lifes Orchids vine fulfilling every conceivable wisdoms in lifes engineering evolution. Continental journey in life’s continuum living prestigious mind’s capabilities engineering times space continual journey.  Revolutionising every evolution of life’s never ending continual journey with references to cognitive science’s man’s mightiest mindful of infinite information as a philosophical theolorgical physicist.  Knowledge of the very creation of the universe with explicit information as a convective science to implicit references. The Human supporting every role in life’s prestigious humanity curing every bleak sickness with all natural remedies as philosophical pharmaceutical’s Engineer’s to Earth’s Ecosystems while pandering prolific prophet’s wisdom an masquerading every prince’s prancing to future’s kindness. A phenomenal  philosopher’s philosophy of unconditional virtues to love’s beauty singing songs with a dancing stature in life’s prestigious platue serving principles to Human rights.
Humanity humbling every feature in life’s poetry. Seduce Sires’s…

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