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Ol yellar


Yellow by first light of morning Sun, giving life, Light bright Sun; Yellow one every day, life the yellow & blue giving Evergreen’s direction to grow.

The Sun Yellow Eyes, yellow mixes  light & Red,  early morning,  late Evening colors Pink skies in the morning Sailors take warning..

Picture of beautiful Skies, dark by Night just after, Pink Skies, the evening dinner with weather delightful after delight sweet tastes of dessert . .
Colors begin romantic feelings, ever the Yellow Rose, do grace such the very beginnings of friendships, with Romeo’s as to be Juliet’s, friends forever a Life romances start…

Sun colored Roses yellow, Elegant pedals, yellow butterflie’s markings  of Queens’,  most distinctive yellow on the wings , Yellow Jackets, Wasp colored bees..

Danger markings of Coral Snakes differ from King  snakes marking the deadly Coral Snake, colored ryhyme “Red touch yellow kill a Fellow”.. Components Thechno,  marking yellow color to connect video & display,  see & hear the story Old Yeller. Caution courtesy of  the color Yellow, before the intersection the light of yellow before the danger,  Red light to turn..

Yellow with tints are Golden through the year’s,  Angels of agelss Love, strings of yellow streaks gold
Wearing the Carrots Yellow 14K lives the other 18k to the shades do Yellow 24K purists of Weded Rings on figers of engaged or the to be, yellow it’s the Color. ..

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥


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