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Supreme prayer


The Supreme Almighty who grants life as a man. The spirit of humanity is charged with every man evolutionary growth of love and humanity just such the spirit of the knowledge only the Supreme all Mighty has the judgment upon each soul.. Physical man is the personality and the master of creation from such a rib from the Supreme Almighty.. Freedom’s walking along the valley food for every man. .
Allow no such man to speak for all man it’s a Judgment upon any man who eats the bread of fruits will speak no such spoken words to all man.. The paradise of the glorious heavens The Supreme Almighties Kingdom awaits every man..He has been granted the spirit and such knowledge and holds his own soul upon judgement of the Supreme Almighty..
Devine such the man with a life of enjoyment upon experience of the divinity of men who shall master the personality of such man..
Walk to the heavens with the powerfull spirit use is life in paradise conjoined the stars & system of a universe that allow such Earth & the physical man  to walk along the path this journey is divine of life to live descent a man In life defining his workings of knowledge to such a job…
Spirits of humanity will be the spirit of the knowledge  filling the bellies of many man, enjoy such the dvine difitive life of love. The kingdom of glory the Enternal life prosperous & fulfilled with glorious Love such Kingdom awaits all MAN..

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