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Forever scared my Heart


Forever scars the burning of my Heart, blue with my love.. Forever~ bluing,& burning my heart forever, scarred burns the blue heart of my Love.. Its a dagger, forever tasteing the blood on your hands, forever,& asking for the love of your warm embrace, marking the hearts forever.. Asking the heart blue with emotionless burning, scarring the Love, my heart forever scarred burning & blueing my heart forever asking for the warmth love of your sweet embrace..
Your love, its like a dagger forever Stabbing the bleeding of my love forever, blue by the burning love my heart bleeding.
I can never hold on to your dreams, of Love.. I”m forever asking for your warm sweet dark embrace, never are you ever giving the embrace, never seems to be, when its me, your claiming, .it seems never to be the love forever.. So Forever scarred my love blued forever by a heart of blue love, beeding its forever.
Its never , never seems to be, remember it’s never the love when you face to love with me..
Forever you hold my blue heart in the palm of your hand..
Forever it never seems to be the clean, when you love, but never embraced by your warm sweet loving arms not me.  never my blue heart burning forever, my love the bluing of the blue burning my heart of desire never embraced forever blue bleeding my love it never seems to be ,when it’s love forever me ..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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