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You Tubes Degree of Society


Education it will startin school it will point out the information highway such as YouTube it will give you a geography of the world called earth you should know English Spanish it’s good to have a second language but I prefer an international language.. Will you go through life as an educated Bachelors major of look how much money I made I’m glad I went to college… I prefer to get a masters major in life it’s the educator from the world on a globe called Earth I know the calculator and I gotta say I’m good now it’s the formulas you must understand they’re not pointed out on the internet you can find YouTube that would help you out but it’s the science of the convective sciences called quantum physics and physics is a map & will not point that out the internet it will help use it as a reference it’s the psychology of conceptual found in cognitive sciences majoring in life is a mathematical major scientific discovery is biology combined with chemistry understanding the quantum physics of the photon and the molecular structure and the beginnings of oneself earth is life but there is the beginnings by one cell and energy in other words mass +energy can give you life but it’s all about the time-space continuum of life photon by photons relative to the universe interconnected by you and a universe of understanding one is not equal to that of ..that’s part of physics your understanding mathematics is my major my educator might be in life but my major in life is an education of the universe double major of life….

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