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Six Ethics of life.


Big 3 live 6 ethics .. Those who saw what happened.. These people don’t listen and don’t think to try they quit life and earn nothin they die quick… Those who wonder what happened.. These people think they have earned because they pray. They are quick to pray but listen to nothing but prayer. Earn nothing in life & pray to die quick. . Those who make it happen these people believe in themselves and never quit they always try they earn a  living.. They listen to everyone an especially to prayer.. They think an pray for everybody.. These people live life to the fullest and want for nothing before they die..

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4 thoughts on “Six Ethics of life.

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message. When we live to the fullest, the richest most blessed life is what we receive. It’s a matter of believing and allowing the best of ourselves to shine through 🙂

  2. The GMLA says:

    I agree. They made prayer cheap, empty. Religion has lost serious credibility over it and with it faith uplifting skill.

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