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The Driver of life


There’s a little place in this world called success but first you must pass the test to be a driver.. Driver of persistence you have the will power drive the problem with your body. Rev the engine up it’s your fast speed, persistence & determination only you have the spare,  you know the cautions of yellow light & cautious in life .. The Light of your Life your Family..

Youre on the road Fast road to a successful way in life, but first you must pass the failure, & to be successful you have to watch for the red lights; they are your enemies.. Your friends always warn you of the dangerous & curves ahead  always looking out , friends always do. Freindly reminders Friends
Giving  the warning about the speed bumps ahead, youre on the road success is the only option , now go interview for the job of your life..
Nothing straight in life , it will give you the loop around, to the bump on the road the stop light will be there your friends know you'll be the one, as persistent as as allways, your that person who makes it happens..The person who makes it happen & prepares for extraordinary hardships in life; your destiny is anything but ordinary.  An extraordinary person with an extraordinary job..

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20 thoughts on “The Driver of life

  1. Hello Terry, you’ve been to my blog and visited. Thank you. I’ve come to take a look at yours, very interesting. Do have an about page? Haven’t seen one, who are you? Always like to know who I’m connecting to. Thanks for the follow. I will follow you as well. Think you should create an “About you” page.

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