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To Thine Ownself to be true


To Thine Own Self Be True

Own Self beauty comes from within this is the mind & body in harmony understanding of both becomes a vibration internally explicit to own self understood spoken the voice & value its a primary attraction an atraction on visual with other basic primitive instincts of attraction.

☆Own Self Mind Body Dualism☆

Materials are possessions are that exactly intrinsic for the world to see, what is explicit is the information of own self that is the possession of infinite information of the universe and with own self. Ownself understanding the creation of the one cell to the creation of one’s own self it’s a designation of the energies upon which he or she have to either build and grow or define regardless of genetics..


Occupation is explicit to own self its information with explanations to own self but intrinsic alignment is the statement of principles… Education is defined by own self life will be an educator. Or economic value based education with a degree on I’m glad I went to college look what I have the truth is the education of own self through many references.. The education becomes part of life its own self with many references multi culture and intrinsic to all the sciences on education by the educator of life through ownselfs life.


Own self practices many Arts however the primary art is the art of self reliance. Creates a system explicit to own self a system of thinking; Conceptual, Critical and Abstract ..
Its explicit information of own self identification explicitly a system a creation and design mapping the knowledge the skills and ability of own self… Universe interconnected
☆☆O W N S E L F☆☆

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


2 thoughts on “To Thine Ownself to be true

    • Martial arts ,I apologize I’ve been a little bit busy own self is a expression of truthfulness to thyself and being one with ourselves.

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