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Jokers this is destiny over, you are Born to dazzle a million sparkles you are.
Shine that personality you have brilliant, everyday you sparkle you were born brilliant, sparkles  Stars Beautiful destinations thats the  destiny a place to everybody wants to go.
The destination does not have to have a geographical place on Earth or a corodor in the air.
Fly & travel a road its not often seen it’s flying high can you see?
Theres no gas stations but youll have to fill up, inflight refueling maybe. . Youre not on the road but your flying & youll have to stop and ask, check up with control .. Theres no stop lights but you”ll have air controllers to tell you stop.

You will have the insight you know when a pre-flight to go. Dont tailgate but you can be a follower, intercept on the noise.
The roads are never maintained but you will have to maintain trublaces at any time. Theres no road signs GPS does not work you probably heard of this destination and it’s a Beautiful place to be .

If you are lucky you’ve heard or seen this destination in a destiny its always quite different when you hear from other people.

The road they traveled to get to that destination never the same course Don’t panic youll know the way, fly with purposes &  the Road will often fork in 3 to 4 different ways, barrell rolls & more.. Its a split sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst but always worth the decisions..

The price to get to that destination has a value that a destiny can only be priced by the person who has arrived.

Jet fule or rocket fule, price & the cost will have complete different values & cost to the person, who has paid a different price, and has costed  a completely different in his or her  destiny In life. Destination is so beautiful youll know it might take a cost only  a are few are willing to pay.
But the value and the price, a individual is willing to pay makes the destination a distinct beautiful place only a vacation, destiny in life could be the most beautiful place. destiny you are clear for runway 22 indeed full military afterburner take off and fly high to a beautiful destiny what a place
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥



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