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No  delusion it might be random but love is the someone not to random a delusion Is abnormal but the serenity to know the difference.
It’s an extension of today’s world not normal but I understand love is not random someone to love might be random..  ..
The extension is not neutral thank God, serenity gives us the difference affecting everything even your love..

The definition is not random serenity is knowing the difference random is not knowing the certainty, of love you should understand it’s not an allusion its not neutral it’s love..
             ☆★       :-☆:’   ★:’:’☆:’
That’s not random it’s mutual of two people in love that might be random but not me I speak up..
I have the serenity I’m in love with life not random not neutral not an extension not an allusion I love all.

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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