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Lady dressed in Red Address


Lady in red here, I stand the red, white, and blue you’re feeling like youre standing I’m feeling blue but I got the red white and blue behind me what are you standing. I see you got a red dress on that address that’s what colors you.. I give you my colors red white blue I’ll die for I caught everything from and I continue now what do you got to say about the red white and blue don’t look at It as a dress or a color look at it as my blood in my feelings now tell me are you really dressed in red.. She has a part of fashion sense by designer clothes. I wear that’s my designer and the label on it designer doesn’t say fashion and doesn’t say ownself but guess what it wants to buy designer. Fashion what a sense let me ask you who is your designer what’s your sense I know my designers I have common sense and I know who says my own sense own self by the Supreme designer of all now that makes sense to me but then again I am my own self and all my senses make me … 1 proud veteran with the scar of the Red White and Blue, GOD bless the United States of America.



One thought on “Lady dressed in Red Address

  1. The GMLA says:

    I am a veteran. We swore to the Constitution and that only. Not a flag, not an office, not a person, not a God to trust in either. The Constitution.

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