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Own self acceptance


Own self acceptance has been long and the price is unvalueble to have children.. And has costed everything nothing short just a heartbeat..
I have made excuses for other people many times.
I have said too many times, I got lucky, for my heart has been there. Intellectual freedom is not a leadership style inside the military.
I’ve known for a while and I have refused ignored every statement and such statements my own mother to you could be a millionaire easy not the point not at all the money or money its not worth the People who go after it.. It did no difference, it did nothing for me I found more troubles and hassles.. It did not make me a better person, money does not make the person.. Well let’s get on with it..

I’m Stein come on Albert Einstein its getting cold out here want you to help calculate how much water is in the pond how tall is your tree cuz I’m 40 years old own self I’m Stein interconnected universe

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

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Don’t give up on People.


Don’t give up on other people because they give up on themselves sometimes you have to give up a little extra of you those are the people that might just help you in the long run those are people to. Love all people especially those who love you..
Heal the hurting lift the Fallen the same heart will be such of the deserving the spirit amongst all the humanity man his job is his works allowing such the supreme of all judging a such all man will not figure upon any judgements the Spirit is the knowledge such the supreme giving the heart of humanity man the spirit of such knowledge will follow him unto the glory of my kingdom.. Amen 

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Bruce Lee


The Worlds most famous noticeable, face synonymous with martial arts Bruce Lee. The urban legends of his speed very true.. Bruce understood the complexities of the physics or the biophysics of the body the grandfather of today’s MMA .. Bruce’s most noticeable philosophy which is philosophically of evolution, and just about anything of life or man, non-traditional nonclassical, direct and simple.. The creator of Jeet Kune Do , leading to the most famous Gung Fu.. Bruces philosophical approach to the martial arts to absorb what is useful to you, an not having to follow the culture of tradition or take the classical style & utilized the geometry of the body direct and of course simple..

Bruce very much understood the physics of the body the most famous would be the nunchuck, with his speed and the ability to deceive human eyes and the camera. This would be keeping with Albert Einsteins time space continuum.. The Observer the human has the ability 2 distinctively recognize a single potential or kinetic energy at a time, but .not any two or more potential or kinetic energies and distinguish a fundamental difference in timing, & speed.

Bruce also utilized the mind and these things normally found in nature such as found in his statements.
Be Like Water my friend.
To have anything it must start in the Mind.
We belong to the earth the earth does not belong to us..
My limit of the human is limitless.
Don’t think feel.
Style separates man..
Free your mind.

Gung Fu all of the classical approaches to a fundamental understanding of the body or geodynamics of the body.
He also utilize the mind worthy of double use free the mind and allow a higher processing found today in the cognitive psychology amongst all Congnitve of Sciences.. In the end of his wife he made the statements he teaches no style. Buce understand to build off a skill set that the person ready has. To take a classical approach and incorporate a system of all the styles.. Jeet Kune Do intercept the fist, the intercept of the emotions of your opponent to clutter his mind, emotions of the fight.
Bruce is my hero not for anything written above Bruce withstood alot of BULLSHIT from people and not ONCE did he physically harm.
My hero because he practiced the art of love better than anybody ever the art of love Bruce Lee.
I completely understand now I start with my growl WARNING I WANT TO BE NICE IF YOU JUST LET ME ..

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