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Americas Leadership


We have lost alot of core principles in both society and political structure the sad part i denouce when paid 50million thats an offer ..fair

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The course it’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.. By the star’s, lights of the beloved doged moon.. To sigh each found his fate with a gospel of fresh air.. Let it be done, each turn profound, faces of the Crew the Mariner,  opens her Sails . But how can she Sail,with no wind in her Sails.  The Opera of a sigh no growth, are the signs forthe crew. Onward she Sails, out of the Sun Inward throughout the Fog, she sails, Shails are shallows of the Tide.. The course bounty for the open sea’s.. The crew’s profound faces begin hanging the Albatros..

Crimes have been set, so profound & now making the Mariner part of Gods commandments of crimes.. The Acient Marnier is forced to steer the course to the lands of snow and ice where no bonty ever has been.. The curse lives in the Mariner as he sails,  his shipmates have blamed bad luck on The Marnier. .
The nouse is now hung above his neck.. The albatross falls to the deck .. Now the curse of this doom, is seen & felt by the shipmates of the Mariner at sea.. The brides of other ships pass as the Sun starts to break the fog & wind begins the draft quickly the Mariner blesses the lifeless body of the creatures an blesses all of them as if they were a life of God’s creatures..

Why you are to love all of God’s creatures allow the life of every creautre.
God has chosen every creature Respect every Life. Commandments Tha shall not kill. Command and respect everything as a life, are my commandments of Life.. 

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