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One Baby in a Million, parenting


Parenting one in a million baby

Only 1 way to be , one in a million parent to be apartently.
Be the one,  be a good one, million ways sets acceptance.
Guidance is just one, allow the lesson to be learned, the child has to be accepted  million mistakes, the one way learn, a million ways to learn..

Guidance is the only way, for one to learn a lesson a million ways. . A  million tongue lashings, not a single one, not even the very one, the lesson will be learned, by the child one in a million.. 

Million to one, guidance perfection of a million ways,acceptance of one. Brilliant, one in a million perfection of 1 million ways to learn, but only one conceptual way to hear and learn the lesson of life..
Learned a million ways,  by  the one  teaching guidance , a million ways to be accepted, only one way out of a million Waze, the very one way perfection never perfect not even a million to billion ways, there’s only one acceptance is the way…

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