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Betty Boop..


Betty Boop we are proud of you.. You apologize to no one, you are the lady everyone likes to post BETTY BOOP on their wall… No one has to pretend, everyone loves you.. ☆Betty☆CURVY☆BOOP!
History shows there are some people who randomly pretend about being someone considered a crury model, who never eats, and has an amazing curvy figure.. A faceless fake person, always with makeup covering a face lying an saying not a single ounce of fat on this movie Star bogy body.. That’s what I love about you, B E T T Y a model pin up with a curvy body with fat where it’s supposed to be at the B O O T Y!!..
A considering person always considerate of people.. 
$B€TT¥.¿B♡¤¤♥P…BIG BOOTY..
A Person of reality not faking to be somebody you’re not changing nothing about yourself that’s good but changing to be a better person.. There have been many pictures in history of you in your pajamas no makeup on small scars on your beautiful curvy legs acting crazy and a randomly beautiful person as yourself in this crazy life you are an extraordinary Pin Up In The History of the Betty Boops..

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