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Bathing Beauties..


Bathing beauty of the natural the world ever so cleansed the purest of Pierre of parades beauty marking are sediments only natural as pure as the purest of Love..

Pepe Le Pew, who sits in the Le Pew, shall be cleansed, of impurities, ever a natural life sediments of imperfections gathered particles ruffled feathers dazzling Swift speed cleansing Ever pure Souls of fine feathered Friends..

Soles of dirty feet shall lift the Soul wen cleansed by the purity of  natural weight, gravitational effects of impurity each feather collected the particle of weight, purest of natural ..

Fair weathered playing in rain cleansed feathers, Friends are fairfeathered in flight giving lift by the cleansed Feathers taking flight winds  of weather to be judged fair  cleansed by the purest mother Earth, natural of pure souls purify only the Mother of Purist found on Earth.

Imperfections of sediments the universe shall collect every particle of sediment collected by gravity..

The imperfection collected impurities of  solar systems purify by ever giving the lights of Life. ..
Sparkle & twinkle universal as natural sediments in everyday life Love the imperfections and sediments of every feather ..

Return every particle, each sediment, every imperfection, most intersected, most ingested, collected throughout the gravitational pull of life.

Recycle the sediments ,pure & natural to substain the intersections and sediments of every cycle needed to be recycled,  greener and greenest of everything…

Solar Systems , Earth & ecosystems allow Life, recycle the Love of Life, please be kind and recycle to continue the Love of Life for  generations of imperfection passing continual perpetuation by an imperfect and imperfections of sediments everyday allow the future to continue life to love is a life in love with Mother Earth..

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Whitest of feathered Queens


Whitest of feathers Dangel from the air.. Whitest Angels flying up all through the most beautiful masquerading Angels ever in the Heair to be crowned..
Queens most beautiful masquerading of feathers for the King of such Beautiful Kindoms are  Thrones Mothers of Earthly wings. Feathers colored rainbows of beautiful parading prisms are found here on Earth.
A farsely gauge from the King the rainbow of beauty, are gazes, seeing the beautiful, ratings the masquerading of whitest Feathers it’s the ritual of culture before Mating..
The ever so flamboyant colors, of the Crown are the glistening of the brightest, Stars in the darkest night, around the most beautiful of Queens…
Laying the beauties of the crown upon a Queen she takes her throne beside the kingdom of Kings.. Blooming Beauties are the babies In Bungalows with baffling colors.. The King & Queen have  completed & most beautiful of circles, in life found of most Beautiful Planet, of all Mother Earth…
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Buzz Bumbled  Bees bewildered, buzzing bumblebee,  because bumble bees buzz..
Buzzing butts be bumblebees blind by buzzing bewildered Bees beware battling bounty baffling Beewax, because Bees Bumbling blindly..

Before bubbles, buy bee’s before beautiful  Bumblebees, being beez bringing by bubbles bewildered buzzing busting balls..

Busted bewildered bumblebees, bastards by blatantly buzzing by building below beautiful beaches. .

 But before being bitches between both buzzing baby bees by both, big brothers, buzzing back before betting by bullish bee’s bullies but brave bees burst..

Bigger by butler’s because Bumblebees business bought black belt buckles by blogs bigotry becomes based belief by
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥