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Control of Anger


Control your anger give up anger ..Anger will control you spending money on worthless happiness need to control all the anger. It will make you both happy and in control. Give up anger and the past neither you control you control the future.. Control what you say personally you’ll be angered and not in control losing everything even happiness and you’ll be out of control by the anger controlled.? Quit worrying give up on the anger and the gossip participating in both will make you worry and insecure everyone in anger will be controlled trying to anger everyone trying to please happiness by spending worthless money with time neither of both happiness or control.. Control your happiness by the control of your anger it’s all about the control you’ll never have to exchange when you’re in control you’ll spend money and you’ll save you control the future by saving with the people you love careing, controlling the future with the ones you love by the money and happiness that you are of.. Nine nice things to give up never exchange happiness for any of them even the one that says the 10 to give up that’s the person you are not.. You are a person of yourself, own self is more important with the happiness they go hand in hand you are in control of happiness you are the universe interconnected by own self happiness universal yourself and own self interconnected in the Universe.. 

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