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Scientifically stupid Society


Stupid people  are confident with not a problem in the the World. The intelligent Society had removed the fool in life for their Society accepts no fool. The intelligent Society doubts everything in society they have found no fool. Stupid Intelligent people have become doubtful the fools are the problems with the world today.The Intelligent Scientific Society Scientifically foolish People, walking around full of scientifically intelligent people in the world foolishly living doubtfully..

Foolish the Intelligent People never question the scientific society giving intelligent people scientific data.. The Fool knows this stupidity of Intelligent People allowing a society full of scientific discoveries never doubting own self..
The fool was not stupid the label is stupid of the fool it would be intelligent people believing all scientific data to be a constant and labeling the fool ..The scientific intelligent people of society live doubting for many years foolishly in the world of a intelligent Society scientifically doubting own self.. 

The Fool  has sold the mind of a foolish fool to the intelligent scientific Society of people doubting own self.. The Fool has  no doubt own self understands the intelligent people doubting foolishly boutught the fools mind believing intelligent people is a constant for every scientific person who has never discovered foolishly own self..
The Fool has foolishly fooled the scientific intelligent society selling them something they have never understood to never doubt own self be intelligent & scientific to understanding of our own self sold by the Fool to the intelligence of a scientific society living in a  world of foolish stupid people to doubt everything even own self have bought into the world of a mind of a fool ..

World of great loving people for the label of the fool was label the intelligent people bought as a scientific discovery..The value of the discovery of our own self now the once labeled fool live in a world of luxury and never wanting anything, he lives in a world as an intelligent scientific person never has he ever doubted anything scientifically of our own self he investigated everything of own self before accepting scientifically answers without investigation .. This person is a intelligent person.®O₩N~§ € £ F€ {Interconnected»«Universe}

Forever risk, wisdom to share delegate the substantial amount to find out the risk.

       ☆★Risk Management☆★

When it comes to love a risk everything when it comes to what you love risk everything find what you love and you’ll be everything You made the distance to reach loneliness..
Now you’re alone; now you’re there, now who is there with you & the loneliness..This is the same place where you can find unhappiness, who is there, and who makes the difference, the questions come from the same very place, where it all starts you’ll make the distance…..

Not too very far right around the place own self if you’re connected..Universe interconnected own self, never 2nd place, its first loser.No place is the only place the second choice to none, first exception is choice, of the loser neither an exception or a place, it’s the only exception when it comes to the very one place..  

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The way to walk.


The way to walk its a mindful and careful of what pushes hard before thinking to toss anything away. Thinking hard and careful of what is pushing away the way to walk in Life.. Mindful of everything in life its walking and pushing hard through everything in life careful there are many ways to walk in Life. Mindful that life is hard an thinking hard &talking to everybody about everything, before thinking to toss away anything In Life..  No matter how hard, no matter how mindless, no matter how careless or thinkless a Life Is never to be tossed away.

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Abstract thinking, acceptance, arts, Body language, Cognitive learning, Cognitive psychology, Cognitive sciences, Conformity, Critical thinking, culture, education, feelings, friends, inspire, life, lifetime, men, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Psychology, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, thinking system, Thoughtful, timeless, wisdom, woman

Mind of conviction body of content


Actions speak truth the body cannot lie it’s their excuse to speak.. Sometimes becomes too many times and your actions become lies.. The truth is taking action before you even hear the excuse.. Speak Unspoken words actions speak the truth by the body at all times sometimes it’s the time of the excuse, the excuse is the person everytime.. Sediment is unspoken by words of action the truth of body language.

A mind of conviction a body of content.  the mind has a process of thinking Cognitive Psychology calls  it ” Bottom, Top, & Top Bottom” completing the thought process.. The bottom is a part of a very basic understanding components of believed facts.. The Top component is comprised of a higher thinking process it’s  conceived, feelings, spiritual, endearment, interpretation and focused primarily as conceptual ideas , Education & understandings, of a person’s  Mind.
Fundamentally at the bottom part of the process Colors, Truth,  Lies, Deception, God, Devil, etc the very beginnings from birth these components are instilled by Parents and are fundamental of the society. 

The Body of Content.. The bottom part of the process is the body’s involuntary, functions or processes of the body sweat pulse heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure and primarily uncontrollable functions interweaved & controlled by the Brain.. The top part of the process for the body is a natural control or naturally found function of you the way you walk, the way you grab something, the way of you, just the way you hugged, your naturally found movement in the body.. The rehearsed movements can be found in martial arts gymnast and other various functions of sports, are in the top part of this processes of the mind and body to complete a thought and motion..

The mind of conviction & body of content are in disagreement when you a lie, fundamentally the body is not understanding the message and continues a process of fear like symptoms; sweat, blood pressure, and unnatural poses; & movements appear awkward,  unnatural and very peculiar, to the observer or the lie detector Machine.

1 in 10,000 are born with the ability to disconnect a lie from the body usually and most often found to be narcissistic.. The exceptions politicians Special Forces special training required for this process for an undetectable reaction to the lie..

When a Lie is generated from the mind it requires more processing power from both & mind and not a natural process of both mind and body .. The processing of  more power requires a complete and thorough functional thought in the mind & body to be in agreement.. The natural process of the body and the actions of the person will be less then authentic  because the body and mind are not in agreement…

Body language can be read and used it is scientific its found in Cognitive Psychology.. The basic understanding an window to the fundamental disorders and other disorders throughout the personality  of Humans and Cognitive Psychology..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Three tier Social Security
1 Offers freedom of choice
2 INVESTS in American workers in America.
3 defines Social Security at a state and federal level
4 provides economic hardening of choice example education by using funding on a philosophical budget based on past year.
All three levels offer a choice and an elementary investment on a retirement and the option for 3Alpha American retirement package it is completely flexible and dynamic and provides funding to the state and the federal level.

American earmarked families this is a concept I conceived by President Bush giving a rebates to stimulate the economy(Earmarks) we could congressionally earmark American families giving the power of opportunity. Earmarks tied into the economy, example the better economy the bigger earmark.

For the people by the people, not just a few.
The national deficit would be paid within approx, 3 / 5 years according to my computational formulas if not faster.
This would make the American industrial market to a worldwide revolution making America a business and providing security through economics, borders and controls inflation. This one piece of legislation would be the first ever to invest in America and the American people defining and saving the Social Security program. This would literally keep the retirement age at 65 or the option at 62 .
This would have no effect on investment plans this would not change any economic statuses from the middle class or from poverty class however it will provide the extra three to five hundred dollars a month.
Restore the middle class rally the stock market of historic proportions and lower unemployment levels to never seen rates 1.8% /2.6%

Cover in disguise this operates functionally as a jury duty calling citizens on a platform of congressional bill passing legislative administrations and provides for every single American to take part in and understand the process of a bill. It would be just like jury duty.


Brave Gallantry of the Red White & Blue. The Men an Women who lay down their life as a blank check signed by Uncle Sam. In the bravest of lands the greatest of man finds Freedom an defends this great American land. For the Red blood of our forefathers instills pride in every American man. The white beautiful purity of women who make this American land the greatest amongst all man. Fifty star’s light the greatest Nation in all the world’s land. America stands fouthright great in the greatest of stands. Among the  of midst darkest of times depend upon America’s greatest of all man.
Risk more than is required. Learn more than is normal. Be strong. Show Courage. Excel, Love Lead, speak the Truth as Truthfully as own self.. Live your Values, Laugh, Love, Cry, innovate, Adore Mastery.. Aim for Geinus, stay Humble be Polite and Kinder than Expected.. Deliver more than needed transcend your Fears.. Exude your passions in life ♡Love to exude the passion for life.. Become a system of the Stars.★ ☆U N I V € R S € ★
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☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
intellectual property rights reserved
 #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

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Card’s changed


February 2014 original air on Google.
The start of new beginnings in the New World Order.. The fall and the rise equal from the rise and the fall.. Communism the worst but the best of the worst is going to the worst.. Economic isolations have equal affects reversing of the same complexities are just the beginning Russia China, Iran, an Pakistan..!! The infostructure of a government is now set Russia is enjoying the beginnings relationships with China & economics what a world they are economists of the world.. Pakistan and Iran have enjoyed isolation of economic embargoes, receiving economic stimulation Pakistan however the very source of United States of America.. We have embargoed Economics with Iran and given to Pakistan Iran has continued to live with the economics of Iranian and Pakistan has utilized the money for alignments now Russia is the biggest land mass on face of the earth understand.. Stuart Folley give us Alaska it was last at we paid .2 5 a quarter for an acre of icy tundra they laugh we smiled has more or oil send ever thought or conceived.. It helps but we gotta get the infrastructure we need to utilize other sources of land so I suppose Mexico ends Africa we’ve been there, we have been there we got troops,
let’s hope we don’t need either troops or the land.. China still holds our economy by the throat just imagine 6 months no more China made in what would give I can only conceptualize by way of looking in your house and my house made in China not for you United States of America.. Now independence by Russia..! Russian now has the economics upper hand inline with China needs the same ..We were the reciprocal now we are the obstacle well for China and Russia both enjoying economic growth …$$$.. Africa has more land the biggest face however we got to face such complications to get oil and generates infrastructure to create a encomy & trade….I mean from the back and forth to the United States.. Iran will be the epidemic stimulation by Obama but they are going to receive economics stimulus by China and Russia already. Iran has enjoyed living without the economics of the United States and many more countries so it’s nothing more to them it’s easy scary but true .. The petroleum dollar the talks have begun our dollar will be left.. Africa and Mexico from what I understand banks shifted from here to somewhere outside the economic growth of the United States but by the government shifting…. Obama can’t do anything he knows it his advisor or his cabinet understand the complexities minus the economic values.. War or embargoes are just out of the questions I hope.. The year 2020 Russia will be economic powerhouse call the Super Power of the world.. I don’t even like to think about it but its the truth the infrastructure since 95 giving them five years to become a government instead of a mob running the country tactics of the Mafia… The United States needs to take action not with war or any such a bar go but take action in itself remove the seven billion from Iran utilize the power of the amendments or amend defining… Giving us power across the globe might be too late don’t forget about the handout were broke that’s why China offered to buy the United States are you crazy China!!! Japan in the 90’s look where they at they suffered from deflation of the Yen.. They need to return to the manufacturing but we need to do it more Africa and Mexico what a plan to start something’s gotta be done at least a start… I don’t know and I’m not aware of the thoughts but I hope there are the thoughts of the cabinet and the President himself giving thought and definitions it needs to be done… United States of America we cannot be held hostage by our own economy of the world right… The independence will be the country who claims independent of the economics of the world however the world with the economics of the country.. I have a three tier system and we need to define critical infrastructure to harden economic times to strengthen America. 

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Own self acceptance


Own self acceptance has been long and the price is unvalueble to have children.. And has costed everything nothing short just a heartbeat..
I have made excuses for other people many times.
I have said too many times, I got lucky, for my heart has been there. Intellectual freedom is not a leadership style inside the military.
I’ve known for a while and I have refused ignored every statement and such statements my own mother to you could be a millionaire easy not the point not at all the money or money its not worth the People who go after it.. It did no difference, it did nothing for me I found more troubles and hassles.. It did not make me a better person, money does not make the person.. Well let’s get on with it..

I’m Stein come on Albert Einstein its getting cold out here want you to help calculate how much water is in the pond how tall is your tree cuz I’m 40 years old own self I’m Stein interconnected universe

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Abstract thinking, acceptance, Aplogize, Cognitive learning, conceptual, Conceptual psychology, creative, Critical thinking, education, excellence, fear, feelings, friends, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, men, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, wisdom, woman, world

Actions to apologize forgiveness


Meaningless words change nothing; and only spoken louder over, and over the loudest voice asking the same question nothing worth changing… Meaningless words are the words of unspoken actions  for apologies..
Meaning the action is useless much less meaningless,words spoken louder over louder apologies.. Now I will lead the way apologize look the person in the eyes recognize apologize statement I was wrong I apologize.. The forgiveness two parts first part actions before words. Correct the action which was done as a honest mistake the correction will be asking in the action of corrections corrected. I return to the person who you have done wrong.. I apologize I was wrong I corrected the action that I had taken in presumptive action..
I have corrected by the following actions and I now apologize and please forgive me for my actions now you have asked for forgiveness and have taking action to correct the action of Corrections.
You are now correct in your actions; forgiveness its a correction and the apology is asking for forgiveness in your words and actions. Having forgiveness with corrections of the action which caused a correction you are now a correct forgiving person by your words and your actions.
Near an dear to my Heart of gold.

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Quotes from me..


I don’t need a watch, I know what time it is in life, I change with the time change, therefore my personality is changeless throughout my lifetime.

To have anything it must start in the mind.
Supreme Almighty is my religion of God.
I speak the word from the spoken mouth, therefore I have the knowledge of the  testimony.

I walk the testimony with the good knowledge I do not follow Religious organizations or a religious designation.

What you think of me is none of my business..

The universe is connected.

My conceptual thinking system is  conceptual critical and abstract..

Conceptual statement of acceptance all things equal.

Conceptual statement of existence, to take my place in the universe.

Universe interconnected
        ®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

Emotional content is your morals and values spiritual energies marking you forever.

You can harden the body the mind will follow you can harden the mind the body cannot follow.
Preponderance is a mind without a system of thinking.
Find what you love when you find it you’ll be everything that you love.

I study with students amongst all, I study with no student of Conformity.

Life is a lesson the best lessons of mind is a lesson timeless and invaluable to the mastermind..
My leukemia is a scar of  Service to my country’s principles.

If you want to explain physics use mathematics if you want to understand Physics use the body.

Three types of people in this world those who saw what happened those who wonder what happened and those who make it happen.

Intellectual freedom must be a freedom found in leadership..

If you’re going to lead then leave if you’re going to leave then lead otherwise do one of the same.

It’s not what you teach its how you teach it..
Only crazy ever did change the world.

Judge a book by its cover but be sure to read the whole book and then judge yourself..

Observe more than they know. The Observer has two ears but one  mouth now that’s twice the listening half the talking..
Observe and listen while looking with two eyes 2 ears one mouth..

Observe they already think you’re stupid don’t open your mouth and prove them right away.

Listen and watch see who is the Observer.
Observe for he is the one to learn, he studies amongst all but yet follows: none..
The brave observer half the talking twice the listening twice the observation twice the thinking for one smart Observer..

Strength of showing your emotions but not letting them get the best of you, emotional or sensitive it’s a sign that you are strength of one’s own self..
The heart is big you want it, don’t be afraid let others see you showing emotions, but just don’t let the emotion, show a physical action , that’s no emotion that’s something other than emotional..
Now you understand we’ll see go ahead be you. Be your own self.

The greatest discovery ever, the science of own self..
Old style beliefs, old style thinking evolution not to evolve.

I can give you nothing, I have not earned myself..

Comfort is conformity to own self intrinsic of all Cognitive Sciences.

Change is tough but changeless is dead.

Excellence it’s a constant thirst for knowledge.

Human rights the fundamental principles of all life..

Leadership sets there people up for success..

Intellectual freedom must be a freedom found in leadership..

It’s not what you teach its how you teach it..

Forwarding stupidity is the Yuppie of the In-crowd.
Boxing, Ishinru, Kevi Magra,   Wing Chung,   Chi Sao,                   Chi Cho Gong, Gung Fu for Life..

[ Interconnected ]
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Roots of Education,


The roots are are where it all starts. Einstein might have been curious but the fact of the matter is imagination kept it going…
The classifications Aristole named. Education of the cognitive psychology of the human, common knowledge, experience, vivid, listen to the sentence here look to the visual, recall by memory, repetition it will give you such the count..

Now I’ve given you the 6 do you see the label goes as you learn cognitive learning, by the humans, taught by the conceptual me..
The label Master Training Specialist the specialist, for the training the master is the thinking..
Bittersweet can you taste it, I can see it, I hear it, can you feel it together we can do it, let’s get to the root of it…
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Great White Sharks


300 million years evolution of the Great White Shark. Peer in with me to the capabilities of the Great White Shark.. Explicit information shared understanding & a little bit of knowledge of the Great White Shark..

1800-2400 Yards Obersvation Area….
180º degrees of uncertainty a general direction.. Dection Abient noise, sealife, Eddie’s  wherls of water and other natural noises, reserved for loud & abnormal frequencies.. The Great White observers & will investigate the louder noises and higer/lower frequencies. 

1200-1800 yards. Surveillance Area. Discrete direction 90 degrees of certainty +/-5º. Chemical recptors, enable dectection, blood and other chemical exceriments, from various forms of Sealife. A General direction of sea life course directed or towards…
Frequency and noise isolation For tracking and discreet if  alive or dead, & inadament objects floating.
The Chemical to stimulate the senses of a Great White Shark and give explicit information of the scent.. If current; tide or Riptide prevails this will increase the senses of chemical receptors distance.

800-1200 yards Decisive Bearing &  Range Area +/-3ºbrng error+/-300yd
Identification of Mammal or non Mammals, Wales Dolphins, turtles Octopuses, fish: Prey or Peditor. Killer whales do feed on all sharks and White sharks Feed on sharks..
Composition or numbers of a school or pod and direction of movement speed and tracking for interception, & isolated distinct frequency..

800 -150yards Explicit Information Area: +/-2º error 10yds..
Explicit information of type of animal or fish explicit information of tactics and swimming depth, approach tactic to make a kill based on past.. chemical experiments avi pray for fear or wounded displaying the street frequencies if wounded or scared. This area explicit information an starts speed or needed depth and directions,  visiablity comes into play.
150yrds Kill area, this is the area to where all minor adjustments are made and the safety of eyes the protecting eyes Lid the last 1 to 5 yards.
Underwater fishing or spearfishing is very dangerous there is the information 4 protection to keep your stretched out of the water and if you can carry legally the smell of death 4 sharks they will not attack or they scatter..
Most shark attacks happen in dark murky waters in the evening and 36 inches or less water..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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