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Mathematics of life


Poloytherom :Of geodynamic,◇º geometries←◇º in geometry linear \ºsubsets, Axiom, mathematics of Life.

.Assumed ↑angle→(`-‘ off the bow infinite, 30º◆ information angledº Vector plane, obtuse properties☆→ geometrical distribution  additional and multiplies ₩=reciprocal squaredº infinity..

Relative angle altitude aspect position of glide slope attitude positions..

Theorems  contex planes singular force cubed multiplied angles acute polarization of ×10’º power thermodynamic = energies..

Kinetics% Thermal` times potential ventricle inertia` ºPlus calculus [square] root =aintic geometrically= `vertical~| incline{ time circumferenceº electr○ dynamics thermal <Fussion ÷single→ Klein} Thermal geometry :Orderd pairº◇ asymmetricalº geodynamic times tupelº of electromagnetic function Cosign geometry 0 bearing rate..

LaG geometrics frequencies Crossing the line of sound on probationg pathº  Closing ^passiveº active=LOSº Sin= SHim€`% frequency shift keying.. I’ll get enough sleep good grades if I chooseº→ social life☆ always→
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