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Messing around

My dynamic lines are proficient in the sign of times. Wickedly I rhyme three words to the proverb of a different time, an era of a new age for which life is granted upon the stage. Everyday is an era in a new age my lines are designed from the futuristic concepts of a new era in time.
Installing new words flexible durable lines in rhymes, of a unique rhythm in complexity to dexterity uniquely as a precise silhouette shadowing the bundles of joy.

The computational formulas and dexterity are simplicities explicit eccentricities to the unique personality cherished all but perished.
Proverbial scripts denoting symphonies of an orchestrated beauty living life as a cherished lesson.

Enjoying wizardtri while working & walking a journey of divine devotion in the spirit of good knowledge throughout the mystically angelical orchids of wisdom.


Define lines in a complexity of a unique dexterity to explicit information of one’s own self.  Oh elegance and complexities in a university of pleasurable knowledge.

The dynamic element in brilliance for telling the resilience of unique dexterity in twice the fulfilling lines with designs futuristic concept of an era futures broadcasting time.

Enjoy my broadcast of this philosophical crazy mind running around seeking philosophical philosophy’s writers changing worldwide sentences timed artist limitless fears strength limitless powers abilities of crazy mind.

Philosophical to philosophy of life it’s the mastermind who takes the view of life. Profits in  profits pondering is the prolific mind wandering around hovering pandering the time every time there’s a capital of a personal gain.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
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Bathing Beauties..


Bathing beauty of the natural the world ever so cleansed the purest of Pierre of parades beauty marking are sediments only natural as pure as the purest of Love..

Pepe Le Pew, who sits in the Le Pew, shall be cleansed, of impurities, ever a natural life sediments of imperfections gathered particles ruffled feathers dazzling Swift speed cleansing Ever pure Souls of fine feathered Friends..

Soles of dirty feet shall lift the Soul wen cleansed by the purity of  natural weight, gravitational effects of impurity each feather collected the particle of weight, purest of natural ..

Fair weathered playing in rain cleansed feathers, Friends are fairfeathered in flight giving lift by the cleansed Feathers taking flight winds  of weather to be judged fair  cleansed by the purest mother Earth, natural of pure souls purify only the Mother of Purist found on Earth.

Imperfections of sediments the universe shall collect every particle of sediment collected by gravity..

The imperfection collected impurities of  solar systems purify by ever giving the lights of Life. ..
Sparkle & twinkle universal as natural sediments in everyday life Love the imperfections and sediments of every feather ..

Return every particle, each sediment, every imperfection, most intersected, most ingested, collected throughout the gravitational pull of life.

Recycle the sediments ,pure & natural to substain the intersections and sediments of every cycle needed to be recycled,  greener and greenest of everything…

Solar Systems , Earth & ecosystems allow Life, recycle the Love of Life, please be kind and recycle to continue the Love of Life for  generations of imperfection passing continual perpetuation by an imperfect and imperfections of sediments everyday allow the future to continue life to love is a life in love with Mother Earth..

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Control of Anger


Control your anger give up anger ..Anger will control you spending money on worthless happiness need to control all the anger. It will make you both happy and in control. Give up anger and the past neither you control you control the future.. Control what you say personally you’ll be angered and not in control losing everything even happiness and you’ll be out of control by the anger controlled.? Quit worrying give up on the anger and the gossip participating in both will make you worry and insecure everyone in anger will be controlled trying to anger everyone trying to please happiness by spending worthless money with time neither of both happiness or control.. Control your happiness by the control of your anger it’s all about the control you’ll never have to exchange when you’re in control you’ll spend money and you’ll save you control the future by saving with the people you love careing, controlling the future with the ones you love by the money and happiness that you are of.. Nine nice things to give up never exchange happiness for any of them even the one that says the 10 to give up that’s the person you are not.. You are a person of yourself, own self is more important with the happiness they go hand in hand you are in control of happiness you are the universe interconnected by own self happiness universal yourself and own self interconnected in the Universe.. 

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Special Love


I saw this and I couldn’t help to think to save it for someone ♡special…You know life is {special} full of l♡ve it’s ok one sided. ₩hen you you’ve decided to find out ₩ho you are by the one you love and that €verybody must admire… £ove is full of £ife and that is not one sided its explicit to the one you love ¥♡u. Now y♡u keep it one sided. Beauty is Vast, far and wide when someone else is holding y♡ur ¤eye¤ of love but beware his eye may look but might not be in love ♡..Remember it takes♥ two ♥to make love… Making love takes less than 5 %percent of the《 body》 however when you’re really making love you don’t know where your body♡ begins and his body [ ends. ] To have anything →begins in the mind←ur→ love starts is ₩here it belongs♡ in the eye¤ of the ~beholder~ so they say. Must I remind you its your mind interprets ₩hat your eyes see sexy or £♡v € either ..₩ay its ♡all 《you》♡¿₩€££

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Dark Blackened Matter.


Dark Blackened Matter The specific 3 stages.. For first stage Time Depletion:: Estimated time 165,000 years.. The colors that will be approximately 25 thousand years are visible only by way of the observer and the ability to observe the Wormhole, black hole, or Vortex but mostly by appearance of distortion of space clear & fuzzy in appearance ..
☆★☆★           ☆★☆★
Because of the length of each time with each stage the competition to the next stage will not be observed just by the life of the observer.. Second stage Seperation of bineutron’s Atomic Decay.. The two neutrons will separate by the decay of the atom approximate time 65 thousand years the colors between the first two stages I am estimating more than 50+ shades of grey not accounting for the first 25 thousand years.. Computational mathematics and formulas give the aproxement number of years why not.? This will be more explained when acqaired any matter dark or black or the special Dark Blackened Matter from existence as space..
Dependencies also formed on space & the calculations gravity + atmosphere their and other such forces that mathematical computations an limited resources allow me.. Third stage cycle Completion::: this stage holds a little bit more complications no direct definition of the completion of the separation and colors given just mathematics and complication formulas estimated time is exactly estimated not for sure plus or minus twenty thousand years restricted by resources..
Estimated neighborhood of overall time 250 plus thousand years give or take plus / minus twenty thousand years..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

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Abstract Quantum Thinking


The Big Abstact Theroy: abstracts questions and astract answers..

Mass & Matter cannot replicate or reproduce itself natural life natural Energy:

Optimal path with least resistance evolution or a byproduct of evolution..

Convective crystals transform different types of energy Sound Energy to light energy wave to photon photon to wave subatomic weights restrict or allow natural physics generated man-made physics.

New energy, sound waves  lightwaves, photons waveguide, Wavebase Wavestructre, Waveline. Countorwave,  Waveweights. Waveshime.

Subatomic functional waveguide based on weights. Pulse rate pulse lengthen. . Functional wave length: and exchanging Energy: Countorwave. ®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

Abstract thinking, arts, change, Cognitive learning, Cognitive sciences, conceptual, creative, Critical thinking, earth, eco system, education, elements, excellence, fear, feelings, grateful, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, men, military, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, physical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, principles, science, science physics, self esteem, self-confidence, society, Stupidity, Thoughtful, timeless, universes, wisdom, woman, world

Dogmas of Science


Reality the equation has been set the dogmas of science are changing drastically.. Substitutes of science have been multiplying and forwarding stupidity.. The structure is science now reality set on mathematics an not a constant function.
You have witnessed a few with the Zetta function, it’s nothing more than a natural ordered pair and because A + B= C,
C + B dose not equal A , called tuple .. Thats real world mathematics using the reality of physics, and not placing mathematics as function or substituted for a experiment, and has a hypothesis, of Reality..

Not based on a function of nothing, not even that substitute for a function as an experiment..

In the real world we have. Supporting facts, A hypothesis, control groups, control subjets &real Theories, why reality, & space just like the earth has sets of functions called physics..

My Theory on the intrinsic immune system from the asteroid’s for Earth has the Atmosphere entanglement wit Heliosphere & ionosphere it has proved wannabes, of no theory or nothing worthy, I’m not afraid to be wrong …
My Quantum Man theory, intrinsic of all the sciences again has proved and it shall..

NASA to return sometime later this month or next month with the data of the electric dipole magnetic connections between the Sun and Earth…

NASA is referring to the electromagnetic dipoles as a Portal..
I suspect they will find subtance or posiblely an element, of something very unique along with the energy from the Sun & ionosphere..

The electromagnetic dipole between the Sun and the earth have fluctuated in time, & various times of the day, I believe that this is vital to the earth on our distance in orbit around the Sun.. The moon holds very important to and from the Earth as such Man to..

I will tell you the physics of outer space can be found underneath the surface of the Ocean.. From magnetic Poles changing in fluctuating areas, energy dissipation of energies sound, frequency or heat alike in Space..

Astronauts have trained under water for years.. I suspect NASA’s looking at a connection between the Poles shifting and electro magnetic dipole between the Sun and Earths energy the thermaldynmaic equilibrium .
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º