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Messing around

My dynamic lines are proficient in the sign of times. Wickedly I rhyme three words to the proverb of a different time, an era of a new age for which life is granted upon the stage. Everyday is an era in a new age my lines are designed from the futuristic concepts of a new era in time.
Installing new words flexible durable lines in rhymes, of a unique rhythm in complexity to dexterity uniquely as a precise silhouette shadowing the bundles of joy.

The computational formulas and dexterity are simplicities explicit eccentricities to the unique personality cherished all but perished.
Proverbial scripts denoting symphonies of an orchestrated beauty living life as a cherished lesson.

Enjoying wizardtri while working & walking a journey of divine devotion in the spirit of good knowledge throughout the mystically angelical orchids of wisdom.


Define lines in a complexity of a unique dexterity to explicit information of one’s own self.  Oh elegance and complexities in a university of pleasurable knowledge.

The dynamic element in brilliance for telling the resilience of unique dexterity in twice the fulfilling lines with designs futuristic concept of an era futures broadcasting time.

Enjoy my broadcast of this philosophical crazy mind running around seeking philosophical philosophy’s writers changing worldwide sentences timed artist limitless fears strength limitless powers abilities of crazy mind.

Philosophical to philosophy of life it’s the mastermind who takes the view of life. Profits in  profits pondering is the prolific mind wandering around hovering pandering the time every time there’s a capital of a personal gain.

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Abstract thinking, acceptance, arts, Body language, change, Cognitive learning, conceptual, Conformity, Constitution, creative, Critical thinking, Economy, education, excellence, Executive power, Family, famous, Federal Reserve, Fiscal monetary policies, Freedom, friends, future, Government administration, Government amendments, Government fraud, grateful, health, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, marines, mastermind, men, military, mind, Mindful, motivated, National policies, observe, patriotic, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Politician, politics, Positive psychology, positive thinking, president, principles, quote, Self empowerment, self esteem, self portrait, self-confidence, society, sort story, Stupidity, Tarp, Thoughtful, timeless, United States, usa, Veteran, Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Affairs, wisdom wiser wisely, wisely wiser, woman, world

Card’s changed


February 2014 original air on Google.
The start of new beginnings in the New World Order.. The fall and the rise equal from the rise and the fall.. Communism the worst but the best of the worst is going to the worst.. Economic isolations have equal affects reversing of the same complexities are just the beginning Russia China, Iran, an Pakistan..!! The infostructure of a government is now set Russia is enjoying the beginnings relationships with China & economics what a world they are economists of the world.. Pakistan and Iran have enjoyed isolation of economic embargoes, receiving economic stimulation Pakistan however the very source of United States of America.. We have embargoed Economics with Iran and given to Pakistan Iran has continued to live with the economics of Iranian and Pakistan has utilized the money for alignments now Russia is the biggest land mass on face of the earth understand.. Stuart Folley give us Alaska it was last at we paid .2 5 a quarter for an acre of icy tundra they laugh we smiled has more or oil send ever thought or conceived.. It helps but we gotta get the infrastructure we need to utilize other sources of land so I suppose Mexico ends Africa we’ve been there, we have been there we got troops,
let’s hope we don’t need either troops or the land.. China still holds our economy by the throat just imagine 6 months no more China made in what would give I can only conceptualize by way of looking in your house and my house made in China not for you United States of America.. Now independence by Russia..! Russian now has the economics upper hand inline with China needs the same ..We were the reciprocal now we are the obstacle well for China and Russia both enjoying economic growth …$$$.. Africa has more land the biggest face however we got to face such complications to get oil and generates infrastructure to create a encomy & trade….I mean from the back and forth to the United States.. Iran will be the epidemic stimulation by Obama but they are going to receive economics stimulus by China and Russia already. Iran has enjoyed living without the economics of the United States and many more countries so it’s nothing more to them it’s easy scary but true .. The petroleum dollar the talks have begun our dollar will be left.. Africa and Mexico from what I understand banks shifted from here to somewhere outside the economic growth of the United States but by the government shifting…. Obama can’t do anything he knows it his advisor or his cabinet understand the complexities minus the economic values.. War or embargoes are just out of the questions I hope.. The year 2020 Russia will be economic powerhouse call the Super Power of the world.. I don’t even like to think about it but its the truth the infrastructure since 95 giving them five years to become a government instead of a mob running the country tactics of the Mafia… The United States needs to take action not with war or any such a bar go but take action in itself remove the seven billion from Iran utilize the power of the amendments or amend defining… Giving us power across the globe might be too late don’t forget about the handout were broke that’s why China offered to buy the United States are you crazy China!!! Japan in the 90’s look where they at they suffered from deflation of the Yen.. They need to return to the manufacturing but we need to do it more Africa and Mexico what a plan to start something’s gotta be done at least a start… I don’t know and I’m not aware of the thoughts but I hope there are the thoughts of the cabinet and the President himself giving thought and definitions it needs to be done… United States of America we cannot be held hostage by our own economy of the world right… The independence will be the country who claims independent of the economics of the world however the world with the economics of the country.. I have a three tier system and we need to define critical infrastructure to harden economic times to strengthen America. 

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New World, Changed World


New world order the world has changed not all at once but it is changing as a constant.. The leadership has been very well aware of this concept for a number of years and the number of Presidents. The 60’s and 70’s we’re extremely curves of learning and for economic growth and an understanding of the economy.. The United States at the time was enjoying with the leadership and the economic growth of the economy this was a polarizing other leaders of the world… The events that were extremely polarizing to leadership’s across the globe the landing on the moon creation of NASA scientific discovery and scientific technology..
There will also the W O W S during these times such as the gas shortage and I’ll OPEC and the understanding of what it was going on In politics and giving strength in politics & economy which utilize both by the United States this polarized even more in the 80’s.. President Reagan took office in such a time and utilized both & even refer to as today Reaganomics.. This did the world understanding & political leaders of countries even our enemies understanding of both economy and what it does for the politics of a nation we even see our enemies of the past and the future receiving money and have receiving money.. Omar Kadafi himself sat as Chairman of the board Economics of Africa in the 90’s.. It has been 60 years the world has changed the leaders of the world have changed however the two most important things have not the policies that were utilized from the foreign country lleaders polarizing the economic growth of countries and our country’s leaders polarizing the country with utilizing different and altering policies affecting the economy this is forwarded the problem as we see today only to becomes compounded and complex such as the basics from Social Security created by Franklin D Roosevelt.
Great Depression he gave the New Deal & we received Social Security its not even sure how or why it’s still around today .. Soical Security this policy itself has been utilized written and rewritten so many times its not even completely understood by the State  at the center charged with because they understand it as being federal and it is and the money has been utilized taken from and put back and reorganized so many times the pot is unsure even the states themself the bank of Social Security in each state which does not report how many on Social Security it is utilized by the numbers of working and does not take into account the age and the money that is received from the single person and is not accounted for and is redistributed it is complex..
Social Security is a federal tax that is utilized by the bank as the states and it is redistributed at a less percent then what is collected on the federal tax it is complex.. These are just more examples that have been forwarded you can multiply this and then compound it by the utilization of Obamacare the bailout hand out it does not matter Plus now you can factor in inflation… Other countries utilizing our dollar Plus minimum wage raise Congress Democrats Republicans the list goes on but remember just like Social Security it is forwarded … {ºUniverseº}
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Feb 2014
All write ups have became true its scary 

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Select few select troubles


The Constitution the Amendments, Federal Reserve,, Presidential Fiscal Monetary Policy.. In rapid decay of poor health the president has used all of federal powers and is running the government and deceiving ,destroying why ?? The question is very complex but the policies and the terms that are being used from Obamacare to bail out it’s all being utilized with federal powers the President… Economy is the blood which is being destroyed and destroying everything… The bailout is destroyed and just continues but its so complex and it hides what’s not seen the money that was given to the Select these people have now receive such the money from the people but now is dominated the industry’s reducing the competition being receiving of the same in both the bad and the good but the good is all combined it’s the benefit not seen benefited compounding. The handout gave out millions example GM receive millions upon millions at that time the gas prices high and even the President speaking on reducing the gas mileage on cars.. GM received all the money where was Ford… GM was facing the biggest crunch now they’re but facing the biggest munch I wonder why well they reduced the competition from Ford with all the money then a capital e games by the reduction and competition an selection an hurting everything economical even more so-called Fiat was the game reducing the gas mileage reducing all but truthfully you see it reduced Ford in the competition the money in your pocket the jobs the economy.. GM was never but the money G M benefited from what was never been.. GM up in history but now its GM that has that money that is capitalized but Ford has stood the test of time.GM  reducing the only benefits both G M..Not economy but reducing the economy reducing choice how much more money do you get at a precise time for a bailout: right beneficial selected but beneficial compounded by the both.. You know where the cost if its in your choice but much more it has the fact like you would not believe before it trickles down to the small man who wants to start a business and goes from there from the job to the person and the pay nobody remembers the number of banks that failed.. 14 million homes foreclosed 14 million times forced by. watch you’ll see it again there’s a reciprocal.. We the people are pissed off …Were going to take it back!!!!update Fannie may 187 billion repaid with an extra 7 billion in the economy the reverb and the recycle reciprocal are still being filled an felt GDP to the little man.