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World’s First-ever. .


My distinct pleasure world’s first quad phased political shitbag removal ray gun. It will instantly analyze with artificial intelligence everything political record 2 presidential address + campaign speeches policies & analyze instantly determine if to Remove the political s*** bag that has affected your life instantly.. It will not remove particles a fickle matter its green friendly it will reduce the shit bag to a bag of shit instantly.. This will be on sale as of 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time NOW the cost will be Twinkies or donuts, peanuts maybe an make checks payable to the national deficit thank you…
☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
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acceptance, arts, Body language, conceptual, conform, Conformity, creative, excellence, Family, fear, feelings, friends, grateful, healthy, inspire, life, lifetime, Memory, Mindful, motivation, observe, own self, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, quote, science, self esteem, self-confidence, sort story, spiritual, superhero, Thoughtful, wisdom, wisdom wiser wisely, wisely wiser, woman

Spiderman Superhero


Peter with great power comes greater responsibility..
You’re responsible for betterment of mankind place your powers in front of danger accept the responsibility expect danger in Society..
Double life it’s responsibility to greater and less in your life…

Your powers are special science, man will pose you evil and devilish ways, speaking of man..Peter there is no personal, Peter NO personal in your life, responsibility has greater meaning and a greater preponderance for society, Peter responsibility, for betterment of man..

My spidey senses tell me to go watch the movie

Mary Jane; Peter  treat her right, No Personal life; greater to the betterment of Mankind I’ll be there Peter..
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acceptance, change, conceptual, creative, Critical thinking, culture, education, excellence, fashion, feelings, First first-rate, grateful, healthy, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, mastermind, Memorial Day, men, military, mind, Mindful, motivation, observe, own self, patriotic, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, principles, quote, roses, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, Staring, Thoughtful, timeless, unconditional love, Veterans, Warrior, wisdom, wisely wiser, woman, world



The Pledge of a National Rose.. Dedicated to those who have, dedication of service & those serving, heaviest of burdens are the nation’s calling for procurement of service to vital interests of a Nation..

☆★☆★☆★U S A ☆★☆★☆★

The greatest of burdens squarely on  the shoulders of brave Soldiers, daily they seek & secure the interests of the greatest Nation.       ☆★☆
Enduring the dilemma, of national interests and blatantly disregarding personal saftey, with monumental proportions of bravery & dedication to the proposition of freedom..
                 ★   OF.  ☆
          ☆★ AMERICA ☆★

Colors of Independace a Constitution of our forefathers forward-looking leadership true visionaries to idea’s of purity & dignity, a freedom; of human rights to express, & right to bear arms, all speeches of & any religious preference..

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acceptance, Body language, change, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, excellence, fear, feelings, friends, future, grateful, healthy, inspire, kindness, kingdoms, life, lifetime, men, mind, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, religious, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, Thoughtful, wisdom

The Big Day.


There will come a day when you will stand before God and be judged. That day is not too far away.. There’s no way or anyway to avoid that day. So forgive the many for there are People who are unreasonable and lie and will try to cheat you..

  Many more People will be jealous of you, for the good you have done for them it’s never enough it will always be forgotten even Today.
The forgotten is everything good you have done but not enough for the dishonest, lying, jealous ,unreasonable people, in this world God has a judgement Day upon their souls.

So you’re the person of forgiveness being the best you can possibly be doing good to the people even in a world of good..
Your polite and kind everyday you smile, you’re happy, kind ,polite ,forgiving honest,  person the judgment will be between you and God that will be an Extraordinary Day….Bank on it.

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acceptance, Body language, change, Cognitive learning, conceptual, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, fashion, feelings, friends, grateful, healthy, inspire, life, lifetime, mariner, martial arts, Master training specialist, men, military, mind, Mindful, motivation, observe, own self, patriotic, personality, Philosophical, physical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, Preponderance, Self empowerment, self esteem, self portrait, self-confidence, society, sort story, thinking system, universes, Veteran, Veterans, Warrior, wisdom, wisdom wiser wisely, wisely wiser, woman, world

Quotes from me..


I don’t need a watch, I know what time it is in life, I change with the time change, therefore my personality is changeless throughout my lifetime.

To have anything it must start in the mind.
Supreme Almighty is my religion of God.
I speak the word from the spoken mouth, therefore I have the knowledge of the  testimony.

I walk the testimony with the good knowledge I do not follow Religious organizations or a religious designation.

What you think of me is none of my business..

The universe is connected.

My conceptual thinking system is  conceptual critical and abstract..

Conceptual statement of acceptance all things equal.

Conceptual statement of existence, to take my place in the universe.

Universe interconnected
        ®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

Emotional content is your morals and values spiritual energies marking you forever.

You can harden the body the mind will follow you can harden the mind the body cannot follow.
Preponderance is a mind without a system of thinking.
Find what you love when you find it you’ll be everything that you love.

I study with students amongst all, I study with no student of Conformity.

Life is a lesson the best lessons of mind is a lesson timeless and invaluable to the mastermind..
My leukemia is a scar of  Service to my country’s principles.

If you want to explain physics use mathematics if you want to understand Physics use the body.

Three types of people in this world those who saw what happened those who wonder what happened and those who make it happen.

Intellectual freedom must be a freedom found in leadership..

If you’re going to lead then leave if you’re going to leave then lead otherwise do one of the same.

It’s not what you teach its how you teach it..
Only crazy ever did change the world.

Judge a book by its cover but be sure to read the whole book and then judge yourself..

Observe more than they know. The Observer has two ears but one  mouth now that’s twice the listening half the talking..
Observe and listen while looking with two eyes 2 ears one mouth..

Observe they already think you’re stupid don’t open your mouth and prove them right away.

Listen and watch see who is the Observer.
Observe for he is the one to learn, he studies amongst all but yet follows: none..
The brave observer half the talking twice the listening twice the observation twice the thinking for one smart Observer..

Strength of showing your emotions but not letting them get the best of you, emotional or sensitive it’s a sign that you are strength of one’s own self..
The heart is big you want it, don’t be afraid let others see you showing emotions, but just don’t let the emotion, show a physical action , that’s no emotion that’s something other than emotional..
Now you understand we’ll see go ahead be you. Be your own self.

The greatest discovery ever, the science of own self..
Old style beliefs, old style thinking evolution not to evolve.

I can give you nothing, I have not earned myself..

Comfort is conformity to own self intrinsic of all Cognitive Sciences.

Change is tough but changeless is dead.

Excellence it’s a constant thirst for knowledge.

Human rights the fundamental principles of all life..

Leadership sets there people up for success..

Intellectual freedom must be a freedom found in leadership..

It’s not what you teach its how you teach it..

Forwarding stupidity is the Yuppie of the In-crowd.
Boxing, Ishinru, Kevi Magra,   Wing Chung,   Chi Sao,                   Chi Cho Gong, Gung Fu for Life..

[ Interconnected ]
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Keep on smiling


Those people will crap when they see your face smiling that’s the crap they really hate.. People will hate, any hate its just a bunch of crap.. Bring the people who hate down with a big smile feed them their own crap.
Mickey and Goofy don’t put up with that crap why should you.
Crappy left he was never created he was smiling that was too much animation for crappy people to create ..
Crappy and Crabby animated & created by dysfunctional crappy people.. You want a bunch of crap, listen to that hate created by crappy crabby the birth of Crappy & Crabby.. The  two animation characters with  personalities Crappy & Crabby all the time . Hello I’m happy and there’s a big smile on my face just by the   creation of Crappy & Crabby characters .. You met Ren and Stimpy  well meet Crabby and Crappy just a bunch of local haters with personalities Crappy & Crabby ..

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

Abstract thinking, arts, change, conceptual, creative, Critical thinking, Dreaming, education, excellence, future, healthy, life, lifetime, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, rem sleep, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, spiritual, Thoughtful, timeless, wisdom, woman, world

Dream Machine


Dream bigger faster stronger become better than before dream the person you are but become a better person in your dreams and then reality will find your dreams that you can not define by Machine.. Your dreams will the find you so keep dreaming much more than before use the machine as a dream to dream straight up don’t stop until you can’t see no more you’re not in a dream no more it’s the Machine of your life dream some more..

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Great White Sharks


300 million years evolution of the Great White Shark. Peer in with me to the capabilities of the Great White Shark.. Explicit information shared understanding & a little bit of knowledge of the Great White Shark..

1800-2400 Yards Obersvation Area….
180º degrees of uncertainty a general direction.. Dection Abient noise, sealife, Eddie’s  wherls of water and other natural noises, reserved for loud & abnormal frequencies.. The Great White observers & will investigate the louder noises and higer/lower frequencies. 

1200-1800 yards. Surveillance Area. Discrete direction 90 degrees of certainty +/-5º. Chemical recptors, enable dectection, blood and other chemical exceriments, from various forms of Sealife. A General direction of sea life course directed or towards…
Frequency and noise isolation For tracking and discreet if  alive or dead, & inadament objects floating.
The Chemical to stimulate the senses of a Great White Shark and give explicit information of the scent.. If current; tide or Riptide prevails this will increase the senses of chemical receptors distance.

800-1200 yards Decisive Bearing &  Range Area +/-3ºbrng error+/-300yd
Identification of Mammal or non Mammals, Wales Dolphins, turtles Octopuses, fish: Prey or Peditor. Killer whales do feed on all sharks and White sharks Feed on sharks..
Composition or numbers of a school or pod and direction of movement speed and tracking for interception, & isolated distinct frequency..

800 -150yards Explicit Information Area: +/-2º error 10yds..
Explicit information of type of animal or fish explicit information of tactics and swimming depth, approach tactic to make a kill based on past.. chemical experiments avi pray for fear or wounded displaying the street frequencies if wounded or scared. This area explicit information an starts speed or needed depth and directions,  visiablity comes into play.
150yrds Kill area, this is the area to where all minor adjustments are made and the safety of eyes the protecting eyes Lid the last 1 to 5 yards.
Underwater fishing or spearfishing is very dangerous there is the information 4 protection to keep your stretched out of the water and if you can carry legally the smell of death 4 sharks they will not attack or they scatter..
Most shark attacks happen in dark murky waters in the evening and 36 inches or less water..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
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acceptance, actions, arts, Body language, change, companion, conceptual, conform, creative, Critical thinking, excellence, Family, fear, feelings, First first-rate, Funny, future, grateful, healthy, Humanity, life, mastermind, mind, Mind body dualism, motivated, observe, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, principles, society, sort story, Thoughtful, timeless, wisdom, woman

Happy infectious


Your happiness can be infectious happiness of own self, is most important infectious will be the mind and body n harmony enthusiasm is the mind and body in harmony with an attitude of acceptance.
The others regardless own self happiness will be an attitude of happiness this will be infectious enthusiasm will be infected by happiness own self..
Happy infectious with enthusiasm and attitude of affections.. Smile your attitude shows you’re happy infectious love…

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Don’t give up on People.


Don’t give up on other people because they give up on themselves sometimes you have to give up a little extra of you those are the people that might just help you in the long run those are people to. Love all people especially those who love you..
Heal the hurting lift the Fallen the same heart will be such of the deserving the spirit amongst all the humanity man his job is his works allowing such the supreme of all judging a such all man will not figure upon any judgements the Spirit is the knowledge such the supreme giving the heart of humanity man the spirit of such knowledge will follow him unto the glory of my kingdom.. Amen 

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