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Messing around

My dynamic lines are proficient in the sign of times. Wickedly I rhyme three words to the proverb of a different time, an era of a new age for which life is granted upon the stage. Everyday is an era in a new age my lines are designed from the futuristic concepts of a new era in time.
Installing new words flexible durable lines in rhymes, of a unique rhythm in complexity to dexterity uniquely as a precise silhouette shadowing the bundles of joy.

The computational formulas and dexterity are simplicities explicit eccentricities to the unique personality cherished all but perished.
Proverbial scripts denoting symphonies of an orchestrated beauty living life as a cherished lesson.

Enjoying wizardtri while working & walking a journey of divine devotion in the spirit of good knowledge throughout the mystically angelical orchids of wisdom.


Define lines in a complexity of a unique dexterity to explicit information of one’s own self.  Oh elegance and complexities in a university of pleasurable knowledge.

The dynamic element in brilliance for telling the resilience of unique dexterity in twice the fulfilling lines with designs futuristic concept of an era futures broadcasting time.

Enjoy my broadcast of this philosophical crazy mind running around seeking philosophical philosophy’s writers changing worldwide sentences timed artist limitless fears strength limitless powers abilities of crazy mind.

Philosophical to philosophy of life it’s the mastermind who takes the view of life. Profits in  profits pondering is the prolific mind wandering around hovering pandering the time every time there’s a capital of a personal gain.

☆U N I V € R S € ★
INT€R 》°O ₩ N S £ € F°《 CONN€T€D
Pen’s broadcasting name
21st Century’s Poet
intellectual property rights reserved
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Don’t give up on People.


Don’t give up on other people because they give up on themselves sometimes you have to give up a little extra of you those are the people that might just help you in the long run those are people to. Love all people especially those who love you..
Heal the hurting lift the Fallen the same heart will be such of the deserving the spirit amongst all the humanity man his job is his works allowing such the supreme of all judging a such all man will not figure upon any judgements the Spirit is the knowledge such the supreme giving the heart of humanity man the spirit of such knowledge will follow him unto the glory of my kingdom.. Amen 

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

acceptance, Addiction, Artists, Body language, change, conceptual, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, culture, Daydreaming, Dreaming, education, excellence, famous, fear, feelings, First first-rate, Freedom, future, Genius, grateful, healthy, Hollywood, Humanity, inspire, instructor, Intelligence, leukemia, life, lifetime, love, Love poetry, mask, Master training specialist, mastermind, men, mind, Mindful, mother, Mother in law, motivated, New Artist, observe, own self, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, Poetic love, poetry, poets, positive thinking, Preponderance, principles, quantumpoetry, quote, rocker, romance, Romantic, roses, sealife, See no evil speak no evil hear no evil, Self empowerment, self esteem, self portrait, self-confidence, society, sort story, Staring, Thoughtful, timeless, unconditional love, Warrior, wisdom, wisdom wiser wisely, wisely wiser, woman, world

₩¡Ked Romancer*

BOS de BUSD de buop chitybop. Wickedly romancing the wickertree a Beauty for the Wicked Romancer woman with your beauty romantic wikiditry  Beauty to my bungalow persuasive  my wickedness of such poetic poetry romancing the beauty of you wickedly in my baffled bungalow the babies a beauty. Wickedness of ever a romantic with wizardrii my body your beauty romance its a wicked tree a witch which full dance the sheer wickedness of a cylindrical body ever to be persuasive of a baffling beauty in my bungalow where beauty ever the beautiful fondled by the poetry my baby poetic will be in my bungalow romantic with the wikid beautiful you baby ever to be mine a wickedness of Wicked Romancer; Romeo of wikidness  the romantic Rome.. Sheer wickedness a Wizard in


wickedness of my mighty poetry….

Abstract thinking, Body language, conceptual, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, culture, education, excellence, feelings, friends, future, healthy, life, lifetime, mask, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, sort story, spiritual, Thoughtful, Warrior, wisdom, woman, world

Self seneseless, Healthy change.


One could easily turn it around for something that’s not the average, nothing gross that’s great what they say doesn’t matter..
You can see  me first, you better meet me, people say some ugly stuff but that’s not me..

I don’t ever say that they won’t expect it, to be like me, they cant thats why Im me, my image it doesn’t matter skinny or fat it’s the picture I see of myself in the image not the mirror, that’s the picture of myself they don’t care..
I don’t mind anymore,  “who they are”  they didnt give me my body, that’s my image, look what I say not what you see, that’s what the picture I expect of me… I’m in love with me I’m going to exercise the body right, I’ll eat right, and then you’ll see what the real picture me as this shape of oneself is now shape and you look like the senseless..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

acceptance, Cognitive sciences, education, excellence, feelings, friends, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, love, love poems, mask, men, motivation, own self, Philosophical, poems, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, Psychological love, romance, Romantic, self esteem, self-confidence, sort story, spiritual, unconditional love, wisdom, woman

Mask to Love


The mask of love different places different faces there’s only one mask.
The mask of love the protector, provider  of romance forever guarded the heart..

Sacred love the romantic love guarded by the secret mask of love the hearts forever tender and oh so vulnerable..
Protection from the exposed weather security when we need denial when guarded.

The warmth and feeling guarded by the mask of love. Romantic when protected never to be exposed the heart of True Love.. Provide every feeling by the guard the Sacred Hearts of love exposed never a romantic  exposure of love..
The isolation unprotected  bewildered exposed in the weather to become secure and reassured by the mask forever Love..

In the garden the fruits of love picked ripe. Sweetest laborers, romantic of love it’s sweet but  flavors the taste of Love.
Thorns ever so long only by the ripest fruits, tastier the labor romantic, by the flavor the favor of love.  Tastes so sweet, romantic ever when it’s Love enjoy the flavor, ever so to be romantic; the sweetest of most the labor of Love..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

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Dysfunctional People.


Rocket science everybody wants to be a rocket Scientist mostly the dysfunctional people fronting playing games bringing nothing to the table faking its a game most dysfunctional fake people Play..

Quantum Atoms Wanna. BEs

Dysfunctionaly arguing to the point of hurting other people’s feelings the simplicity of fake people acting dramatically in everyday life.. Dysfunctional as these people  they are use to hurting people, arguing playing mind games, and bring nothing good, it’s the only dysfunctional people feeling good in a dysfunctional relationship..

Mathematical gods of ass holes.

Everybody see’s them as dysfunctional people and feel to argue or or bring something real of anything good is a science of dysfunctional rocket scientist..

Arguing the most simplest simplicity function of science around  relationships of dysfunctional science putting dysfunctional feelings dysfunctionally simple to the science of a dysfunctional fake People…

Dysfunctionally acting in a dysfunctional relationship functionally has no principles in any real science of a real relationship with real people and that’s something a real person puts on the table.

Appreciated with good value’s of a realistically person feeling really good putting something of actual good on the table of a relationship in real life completely found in the science of real relationship & good value any rocket scientist puts in a relationship found on the Table of any science in any relationship..Change there, names constantly and now the Albert Einstein page won’t even take comments because I put a stump between their general theory between there eyes …I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW THEM SOME REAL PHYSICS OF THE BODY GEOMETRY…

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

Abstract thinking, acceptance, Body language, change, Cognitive learning, conceptual, Conquer, creative, education, excellence, Family, fear, feelings, friends, future, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, mask, men, mind, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, positive thinking, Romantic, self esteem, self-confidence, society, spiritual, usa, wisdom, woman, world

Yuppies insecurity


Yuppies are insecure they fail to secure the most important reservation. Yuppies seek to secure a reservation with monetary purposes but yet fail by every purpose and drive themselves crazy. They are financially secure to drive purposes usually social statement.

They have a reservation about everything and everybody.. Crazy how they seek others acceptance and have no reservations to or  about themselves.. It drives Yuppies absolutely crazy when another person is secure with their abilities & secure within their own reservations about themselves to do and have things that they accept and & appreciate for having those abilities..

Yuppies are insecure the  inability to find and make their own reservations about themselves and seek acceptance, anywhere or buy anything for others to see their reservation as a person..

Yuppies are very visual and fashionable people very much looking for the acceptance as the inCrowd and their reservations about arm candy they will seek the most fancy, intelligent, and most fashionable restaurants..

Yuppies have been raised with such beliefs to have the very best is a personal security and only the very best and most intelligent people have the most fashionable expensive & have that lifestyle.. They have been fundamentally ignored and desire attention this is also found usually in their childhood.. Yuppie it’s a term an does not mean have to have money or intelligent or any such fashion or a Social acceptance to be a yuppie.

Money has fundamentally nothing to do with a secure person.. If I have learned anything when going out on a date it has nothing to do with the restaurant how much money you spend or where or how you go it is everything about the person you are on a date with..
Waffle House, Denny’s and hole in the wall places have some of the most delicious food when you’re on a grant Date the only reservation I make is on a special occasion with a romantic atmosphere to express acceptance and very much thankful appreciation of the other significant in my life.

Mr Warren Buffett you would be completely surprised on what he drives it is fixed up  from the hail damage and it’s a domestic vehicle.. He is completely surprising only the richest man in the world & very secure as a person, his wife told him he would be millionaire before 30 she was right “elbow” Lol
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º