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Handheld Calculator


This is fundamentally an answer for the a Zeta  function million dollars I should an did answer 1&more…
Interesting fact – as you can remember the value of the sine and cosine of the angle 0◦, 30◦, 45◦, 60◦, 90◦.
The fingers are numbered sequentially numbers : {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}.
Trigonometric sine (blue) function is calculated from the bottom. 
Trigonometric cosine (red) function is calculated in advance.
Always insert the numbers into the formula √N/2 where N={0, 1, 2, 3, 4}.
We obtain:
sin 90◦ = cos 0◦ = 1
sin 60◦ = cos 30◦ = √3/2
sin 45◦ = cos 45◦ = √2/2
sin 30◦ =  cos 60◦ = ½
sin 0◦ = cos 90◦ = 0
Sinº=ships frequency of the propellers..
Cos the baseline of all the blades on the propellers ,  frequencies commonly found on props of all ships and boats ID is identification or part number usually located with the analysis of the ships system and most times can see problems prior to thanks I will update with many more there’s nothing you can’t do with X & Y cosign Sin.. I can navigate from it I can control aircraft with visual giving glide slope on final approach find submarines frequencies, Line of  sound there’s probably very little there’s only one thing I know very little people can answer time-division visionary module cosing& Sin and can’t define wavelength lifeguards and finding a pulse rate you can find the maximum radar distance the only time the wavelength cannot determined or the waveguide  especificaciones in the TDM GODS OF MATHA WANNA BE.. I proved once a proven over and over again great example here again

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