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The way to walk.


The way to walk its a mindful and careful of what pushes hard before thinking to toss anything away. Thinking hard and careful of what is pushing away the way to walk in Life.. Mindful of everything in life its walking and pushing hard through everything in life careful there are many ways to walk in Life. Mindful that life is hard an thinking hard &talking to everybody about everything, before thinking to toss away anything In Life..  No matter how hard, no matter how mindless, no matter how careless or thinkless a Life Is never to be tossed away.

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Abstract thinking, acceptance, arts, Body language, Cognitive learning, Cognitive psychology, Cognitive sciences, Conformity, Critical thinking, culture, education, feelings, friends, inspire, life, lifetime, men, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Psychology, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, thinking system, Thoughtful, timeless, wisdom, woman

Mind of conviction body of content


Actions speak truth the body cannot lie it’s their excuse to speak.. Sometimes becomes too many times and your actions become lies.. The truth is taking action before you even hear the excuse.. Speak Unspoken words actions speak the truth by the body at all times sometimes it’s the time of the excuse, the excuse is the person everytime.. Sediment is unspoken by words of action the truth of body language.

A mind of conviction a body of content.  the mind has a process of thinking Cognitive Psychology calls  it ” Bottom, Top, & Top Bottom” completing the thought process.. The bottom is a part of a very basic understanding components of believed facts.. The Top component is comprised of a higher thinking process it’s  conceived, feelings, spiritual, endearment, interpretation and focused primarily as conceptual ideas , Education & understandings, of a person’s  Mind.
Fundamentally at the bottom part of the process Colors, Truth,  Lies, Deception, God, Devil, etc the very beginnings from birth these components are instilled by Parents and are fundamental of the society. 

The Body of Content.. The bottom part of the process is the body’s involuntary, functions or processes of the body sweat pulse heartbeat, heart rate, blood pressure and primarily uncontrollable functions interweaved & controlled by the Brain.. The top part of the process for the body is a natural control or naturally found function of you the way you walk, the way you grab something, the way of you, just the way you hugged, your naturally found movement in the body.. The rehearsed movements can be found in martial arts gymnast and other various functions of sports, are in the top part of this processes of the mind and body to complete a thought and motion..

The mind of conviction & body of content are in disagreement when you a lie, fundamentally the body is not understanding the message and continues a process of fear like symptoms; sweat, blood pressure, and unnatural poses; & movements appear awkward,  unnatural and very peculiar, to the observer or the lie detector Machine.

1 in 10,000 are born with the ability to disconnect a lie from the body usually and most often found to be narcissistic.. The exceptions politicians Special Forces special training required for this process for an undetectable reaction to the lie..

When a Lie is generated from the mind it requires more processing power from both & mind and not a natural process of both mind and body .. The processing of  more power requires a complete and thorough functional thought in the mind & body to be in agreement.. The natural process of the body and the actions of the person will be less then authentic  because the body and mind are not in agreement…

Body language can be read and used it is scientific its found in Cognitive Psychology.. The basic understanding an window to the fundamental disorders and other disorders throughout the personality  of Humans and Cognitive Psychology..

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Happy infectious


Your happiness can be infectious happiness of own self, is most important infectious will be the mind and body n harmony enthusiasm is the mind and body in harmony with an attitude of acceptance.
The others regardless own self happiness will be an attitude of happiness this will be infectious enthusiasm will be infected by happiness own self..
Happy infectious with enthusiasm and attitude of affections.. Smile your attitude shows you’re happy infectious love…

Abstract thinking, acceptance, Body language, change, Cognitive sciences, conceptual, creative, Critical thinking, education, excellence, feelings, friends, future, grateful, healthy, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, Memory, men, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, parenting, patriotic, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, principles, Psychology, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, spiritual, thinking system, Thoughtful, wisdom, woman

To Thine Ownself to be true


To Thine Own Self Be True

Own Self beauty comes from within this is the mind & body in harmony understanding of both becomes a vibration internally explicit to own self understood spoken the voice & value its a primary attraction an atraction on visual with other basic primitive instincts of attraction.

☆Own Self Mind Body Dualism☆

Materials are possessions are that exactly intrinsic for the world to see, what is explicit is the information of own self that is the possession of infinite information of the universe and with own self. Ownself understanding the creation of the one cell to the creation of one’s own self it’s a designation of the energies upon which he or she have to either build and grow or define regardless of genetics..


Occupation is explicit to own self its information with explanations to own self but intrinsic alignment is the statement of principles… Education is defined by own self life will be an educator. Or economic value based education with a degree on I’m glad I went to college look what I have the truth is the education of own self through many references.. The education becomes part of life its own self with many references multi culture and intrinsic to all the sciences on education by the educator of life through ownselfs life.


Own self practices many Arts however the primary art is the art of self reliance. Creates a system explicit to own self a system of thinking; Conceptual, Critical and Abstract ..
Its explicit information of own self identification explicitly a system a creation and design mapping the knowledge the skills and ability of own self… Universe interconnected
☆☆O W N S E L F☆☆

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acceptance, arts, Body language, Bruce lee, creative, excellence, friends, healthy, inspire, life, martial arts, men, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, philosophy, physical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, principles, Psychology, relationship, romance, self esteem, self-confidence, society, sort story, spiritual, unconditional love, Warrior, wisdom

Master Sensi


Artist of  Defense.. Master many more senses the artist of defense.. Defense many more senses, of a master..

Artist many more to be Master of Defense.. Artist to master the sense of Defense.. Defense many more senses, Master & Artist’s creation by sense of Defense..

Sensory by defense of a sense, artist’s creation many more senses, defense mastery a skilled creation senses..

Defense Sensei to master defense of creation in every sense.. Master Sensei defense senses creation mastery..

Defense senses mastery every,  Sensei many more senses..  Artist’s of masterful senses defense mastery many more Sensei..

Skilled, mastery of senses, every Artists a defense of Mastery… Senses mastered the skill defense Sensei.. Masterful a Master of sense skilled by senses in defense..

Senses the masterful senses defense every sense Sensei.. Master skills masterfully skilled defense Sensei every sense.
Chi Cho Gong. Thai Chi ..Sao Chi.
Wing Chun.Jeet Kune Do..Gung Fu..

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acceptance, change, companion, conceptual, Critical thinking, culture, fear, feelings, inspire, life, lifetime, men, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, personality, Philosophical, poems, poetic, poetry, poets, principles, self esteem, self-confidence, society, spiritual, wisdom, woman

Join the Craziness


The beast is hungry its thristy for the blood.. Beast of hunger  he is demanding limb to limb the beast doesn’t care its demanding. The Hunger comes from within allowing nothing, not even the Beast from within the hunger is ruthless it’s in his eyes the beast has taken a vacent heart beat its ruthless sharping the sharper the claw.. The beast is demanding the dues of the faceless allowing  him to tell them to be shredded to the shreds of a faceless heartless demanding, more Idol of this faithless heartless beast. With no face but despair, facing the faceless the hope is hopeless faithless, heartless the hope is not there In the heart of the beast Death shall arise.

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Supreme prayer


The Supreme Almighty who grants life as a man. The spirit of humanity is charged with every man evolutionary growth of love and humanity just such the spirit of the knowledge only the Supreme all Mighty has the judgment upon each soul.. Physical man is the personality and the master of creation from such a rib from the Supreme Almighty.. Freedom’s walking along the valley food for every man. .
Allow no such man to speak for all man it’s a Judgment upon any man who eats the bread of fruits will speak no such spoken words to all man.. The paradise of the glorious heavens The Supreme Almighties Kingdom awaits every man..He has been granted the spirit and such knowledge and holds his own soul upon judgement of the Supreme Almighty..
Devine such the man with a life of enjoyment upon experience of the divinity of men who shall master the personality of such man..
Walk to the heavens with the powerfull spirit use is life in paradise conjoined the stars & system of a universe that allow such Earth & the physical man  to walk along the path this journey is divine of life to live descent a man In life defining his workings of knowledge to such a job…
Spirits of humanity will be the spirit of the knowledge  filling the bellies of many man, enjoy such the dvine difitive life of love. The kingdom of glory the Enternal life prosperous & fulfilled with glorious Love such Kingdom awaits all MAN..

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Bruce Lee


The Worlds most famous noticeable, face synonymous with martial arts Bruce Lee. The urban legends of his speed very true.. Bruce understood the complexities of the physics or the biophysics of the body the grandfather of today’s MMA .. Bruce’s most noticeable philosophy which is philosophically of evolution, and just about anything of life or man, non-traditional nonclassical, direct and simple.. The creator of Jeet Kune Do , leading to the most famous Gung Fu.. Bruces philosophical approach to the martial arts to absorb what is useful to you, an not having to follow the culture of tradition or take the classical style & utilized the geometry of the body direct and of course simple..

Bruce very much understood the physics of the body the most famous would be the nunchuck, with his speed and the ability to deceive human eyes and the camera. This would be keeping with Albert Einsteins time space continuum.. The Observer the human has the ability 2 distinctively recognize a single potential or kinetic energy at a time, but .not any two or more potential or kinetic energies and distinguish a fundamental difference in timing, & speed.

Bruce also utilized the mind and these things normally found in nature such as found in his statements.
Be Like Water my friend.
To have anything it must start in the Mind.
We belong to the earth the earth does not belong to us..
My limit of the human is limitless.
Don’t think feel.
Style separates man..
Free your mind.

Gung Fu all of the classical approaches to a fundamental understanding of the body or geodynamics of the body.
He also utilize the mind worthy of double use free the mind and allow a higher processing found today in the cognitive psychology amongst all Congnitve of Sciences.. In the end of his wife he made the statements he teaches no style. Buce understand to build off a skill set that the person ready has. To take a classical approach and incorporate a system of all the styles.. Jeet Kune Do intercept the fist, the intercept of the emotions of your opponent to clutter his mind, emotions of the fight.
Bruce is my hero not for anything written above Bruce withstood alot of BULLSHIT from people and not ONCE did he physically harm.
My hero because he practiced the art of love better than anybody ever the art of love Bruce Lee.
I completely understand now I start with my growl WARNING I WANT TO BE NICE IF YOU JUST LET ME ..

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Abstract thinking, Body language, conceptual, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, culture, education, excellence, feelings, friends, future, healthy, life, lifetime, mask, mind, Mind body dualism, Mindful, motivation, own self, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, Positive psychology, positive thinking, relationship, self esteem, self-confidence, sort story, spiritual, Thoughtful, Warrior, wisdom, woman, world

Self seneseless, Healthy change.


One could easily turn it around for something that’s not the average, nothing gross that’s great what they say doesn’t matter..
You can see  me first, you better meet me, people say some ugly stuff but that’s not me..

I don’t ever say that they won’t expect it, to be like me, they cant thats why Im me, my image it doesn’t matter skinny or fat it’s the picture I see of myself in the image not the mirror, that’s the picture of myself they don’t care..
I don’t mind anymore,  “who they are”  they didnt give me my body, that’s my image, look what I say not what you see, that’s what the picture I expect of me… I’m in love with me I’m going to exercise the body right, I’ll eat right, and then you’ll see what the real picture me as this shape of oneself is now shape and you look like the senseless..

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Theoretical of theories.


Writing a new theoretical for America, an ageless lighting of new times. Placing your order of a beautiful person a beauty of minds. Cognitive awareness the brain thinking a lot of people who are not the intended recipient, never able to get the best of worlds. A mathematical major scientific discovery of masterful senses defense & mastery of the heart’s humanity. The misfortune indicative of past time about to leave comes a passion predictive persuasive of new times.
Beauties of grace the heavy gravitational pull of a philosophical “beautiful mind” endure the poetic lifetime, of a poet’s start, spiritual growth, beautiful of prolifically profound, performing personal seaonal of a a seasoned mind. Avilability of available minds are elusive, yet not intrusive,  my poety induces a constructive  soft poetic, poetry,  political, persuasive,  of all beautiful minds,  speeds of a Ducati, speeding to remind the reminded, a harmony of the mind & body of my temple exposed due beauty to you.
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