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The Statue of Liberty the lady of the Liberty justice for all why is she covering her eyes blind is represented by the scales of justice is there a blind injustice going on..!!?!! Lady Liberty is the blind by her hands not the Justice.. New world order the injustice its all around don’t be like me watch it and not say anything until it happens to you Ben it’s an injustice now I’m fighting completely and justice denial of Rights blind by the star the badges ofthe system.. The news report earlier today the first child ever conceived by 3… 3 that’s correct injustice now indeed a the media themselves bullying at an all time high. Justice on the scales of the economic liberties what you see is the color green how many you see is all about the Justice you’ll see.. The child we have done a severe injustice the one in seven billion born of 3…. Don’t get me blonde I love technology I love the ability to grow a new on new legs for all even the soldiers and the people of the world I promote that technology I agree this is what I have been afraid of it is all always everything even the technology no morals is the question not the technology the blood is not the Justice no more it’s the green in the blood of justice and the technology is the greener 4 nm educators in system we don’t event teach own self.. The education depending on the number of dollars the green is the blood of the education talks an teaches by the technology makes the greener.. For the love of God and I said God where is the red white and blue Lady Liberty the Statue of Liberty’s no more well neither the Pledge of Allegiance.. I apologize ..